Category: Inexplicable


It’s been a while Silence and emotions not dialed My writings were forced to a humble mild I want to be, free as the bird which hums its life away A hummingbird hidden away in a steal caged den They ask me, “why does the caged bird sing?” And I simply say I sing because... Read more »


They say when you’re drunk, you’re the most honest Now you know why I’m turning into an alcoholic Twist my intestines, they yell rip To the good hearted soul hanging on the tip of the cliff Alcohol, the truth serum Kills the demons but revives the love bred by an Angel Love is broken Heart... Read more »

The Pen is Mightier than the Sword

It’s embarrassing for Jeffery To stand out there and beg for mercy, beg for money, It’s embarrassing for him, dressed in depleted clothing, to hold a Dunkin Donuts cup and expect your sympathy His service was what gave you your privilege, but his service is what took his mind and fed it to the demons.... Read more »


Hir stomach drops every time Ze is called Mr. or Ma’am. Has it ever occurred to you Ze is neither. I saw Hir sitting in front of me, with Hir legs crossed, Hir fragile hands clenched, and Hir arms dangling off of the chair next to Hir. Hir low fade, dashed with a sprinkle of... Read more »


She said “I knew your grandfather, man” and gave me a subtle smile. I looked into her eyes and saw despair drowned out by a hint of happiness endowed in survival. It was 9:00 pm on January 16th, and she slowly walked through the revolving door, her walker holding her behind. She walked through the... Read more »