College Students: What will I become?

Dear College,

It took two years for it to finally hit. Third semester in, and I’m in college.


As I walked out of my calculus class confused as ever, a grin spread across my face, and I felt like I was a freshman again. I realized where I was standing, and what I was doing. It is no small feat to be going to college, but most of all, to be independent. These last couple of weeks, I have thought long and hard on what I will be majoring in, and I am still not certain. What I am certain of is I am not chasing the money nor the fame. I am chasing happiness, and I am chasing what I will love and enjoy doing.

While in high school, I had different plans. I did not want to go to college. I did not even want to apply for college, but somehow, someway, I ended up here.

Going to UIC, their prestigious science reputation reeled me into considering a science major, maybe even medical school, but I soon realized how terrible that decision would have been for me. Being deeply in love with my craft, my vision could not be confined behind a lab with four walls. It could not be contained by definitions, and it could not be defined by equations.

College is not all stress and all parties. College is finding yourself within a community of people looking for what they desire. For the freshmen on their second day or their third week of college, or even for the sophomores and Juniors who have yet to figure it out, stop stressing. Everything will fall into its place.

Take classes you think you will enjoy, and do not be afraid of not knowing what you are doing, because 100% of college students have no idea what they are doing 100% of the time.

It took a mass email before the start of the 2016 fall semester for me to realized in what direction I wanted to head, so do not stress if you still do not know what you’re going to major in.

Find what you like, and the rest will work itself out. I am taking a digital journalism and an intro to photography class in my sophomore year of college, and I have never felt this much out of my comfort zone, but because of this, I have a better understanding of what I aspire to do.

From one college student to another, enjoy your college career, make friends, and most of all, try new things,


The 19 Year-old college student

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