David and Goliath

Happiness is inconceivable, non-achievable, impractical
It’s a mental state of mind paralyzed by life
Only brought back to capability by the devil’s lettuce and his enemies blood
Teenagers don’t run happily into malls, without an inner brawl enhanced by their metal breakdowns, quarter-life crisis.
The lucky ones are the ones who never have to spend 50 cents because a quarter was enough to satisfy the gumball machine
Happiness is inconceivable, non-achievable, impracticable
The American dream is a sack of Trumped Donald shit on middle class folks, the 90%.
It’s a dream of good intentions turned into a nightmare
To be waking up drenched in sweat, unable to shower, no clean water.
But father please forgive me for I have sinned
I’m trapped in this nightmare
And all I could ask for is forgiveness, debt.
Purchased a beamer and clustered in endless bills
My momma told me to dream big, but not too big
I’m not white, hence not able to see the light
The pathway without absurd obstacles
My dream is unachievable because I cannot provide proof of citizenship
My dream is crippled
Not even the crutches of a graduate could help them walk towards the light
Crawl is all they could do when threatened underneath the nightmare they call a dream
For the system limits who succeeds and who does not succeed, a mental rig
They make your mind sail into the ocean with hopes of reaching new depths, but they fail to inform you only the one percent achieves what they most desire and they Trump on the 99%
They call it the American Dream,
We call it our worst Nightmare
Don’t be trapped
Don’t dream small
But don’t be fooled
Succeed when they don’t want you to
Be humble
Don’t be like them
Be different
They may take it all away, but don’t be afraid to fight for what you deserve, for what we deserve
Minority is a mental state of mind
We are dynamic
We are David and they are Goliath.

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