International Women's day

All my life, I have been surrounded by women. I have experienced their canny judgments and their choleric attitudes. I have admired their beauty and envied their profound intelligence.

When we speak of women and beauty, we indulge in a conversation of eyeliner and mascara. We indulge in a conversation of splendid eyes and charming smiles. We indulge in a conversation of the eye candy we have perceived them to be, but we never indulge in a conversation of their cleverness and intelligence.

My sister, who has fought hard to be where she is, is the most amazing person I know. She may sometimes keep silent, but her voice is always unbearably loud. She walks in and out of my consciousness with an exhilarating and profound impact. She takes judgments and complaints and turns them into a catalyst for success. She, along with my younger, eight-year-old sister, are a reflection of my mother.

My sister, whom is as beautiful as my mother, exhibits the beauty of the Greek goddess Athena. Not necessarily in her presentation, but in the complexity and brilliance of their minds. Athena was the goddess of intelligence and reason, and my sister is her mortal counterpart.

Women need to grow in power, but this objective is often stopped by traditional gender roles. The idea that women should not hold power is absolutely delirious. Because of gender roles, Feminism has developed over the years and has focused on fighting for equality between men and women. We fail to realize that in the process of this fight, feminism, in some places, has found itself fighting for superior women’s rights over men rather than equality. Why should there be a double standard when it comes to physical alteration between these two genders. Why should a man who is provoked be criminalized for hitting a woman if said woman wants to be treated as his equal counterpart? Is it wrong for a man to hit a woman, or is it wrong for a man to not hit a woman because it will be undermining what feminism stands for?

My mother has raised me to be the best man possible, and I do condemn domestic violence, but I do not fail to realize this double standard. Women do need to be treated as equal, and the responsibility of making this possible falls on the shoulders of men. We need to make it possible for women to not be afraid to stand up and raise their voices, and we need to tighten the screws and bolts on what feminism and equality should really look like.

I admire my mother and my sisters because of their choleric attitudes. Their “I’m going to get what I want done” attitudes have set them up for success. Women and men need to help each other succeed, and it all begins with facilitating women with the tools and confidence to rise out of the shadows they have so long been held to. Women are not only beautiful. They are much more than that; they are amazing. They are the paint which creates the broken image of our society, and they are the glue which holds it together.

In honor of International Women’s day,

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