The Veteran

USMC Iraq vet. Stranded. Hungry. God bless, read his sign.

He stands with his heart on his sleeve, and his courage underneath his blackened heart. What he saw overseas is incomparable to the shiny unscratched Mercedes Benz found in your garage. The bunk he had to live in for months on end with the exhilarating fear of it being his last night is nothing in comparison to your mansion, equipped with the highest security system. For him, the M-16 next to his bunk, and the bullet proof vest hanging next to it was his protection. His security system are the men and women serving along side him taking the excruciating third shifts to guarantee each others safety.

Regardless of what he did thousands of miles away from the mainland, regardless of the safety he provided for each individual in his home state, and regardless of the sacrifices he was forced to make, this U.S. Marine Corps veteran wound up homeless and alone.

He stands where the road meets its end. Where the 90 mph ride slows down to 3, 2, 1. The cold air splashing against his face was as fierce as the grazing bullets against his ear drum. The darkness was what got to him. The countless thoughts revolving around the memories and pain captured and endured during the time spent fighting the demons away is what got to him. But for him, the demons he fought were not just across the ocean, but rather, they were now submerged in his head, in his heart, and in his conscious.

What goes through his mind as he begs for mercy from the greedy ‘Americans’ he fought for when their freedom was in danger? Or is that is what they made them believe? How can a country, no, how can the top 1%, no, how can the diabolically, filthy, rich American’s profiting from wars and destruction of innocent men, women, and children allow for their employees to suffer.

He stands inches away from the reducing speeds of the metallic grim reapers. A few more feet and he could easily be their next prey, as if the impairing debt of the vehicle was not enough.

We have become too overwhelmed with the fear of other people, religions, and nations that we have left ourselves vulnerable to the greed and inhuman acts of our own people. For it is not others which we have to fear, but ourselves. We need to understand the devil always keeps its friends close, but not as close as it loves to keep its prey. We need to break the devils jaw and rupture the grip it has kept on us for so long. We are the infants, and they are the prevailing and enchanted parents standing over us, not wanting us to learn how to walk and grow up. Eventually, all infants learn how to walk, and all infants learn they must grow up.


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