Never Forget

Flesh is only temporary, but soul and memories are forever.

It is with a tear in each eye, one for each of my friends, in which I write the following:

The never ending feed declaring your death puts me on edge. I do not want to believe it. You are still here, and it is a silly joke like the one people would play in middle school, having one friend write “Rest in Peace” on another’s timeline in order to see who actually cares about a person.

But it is not that, and it is very much real that you are watching over us now. It is the warm memories created over adolescence which will get us through this, the art Niko and Axel created which will help us remember them, and their relentless happiness and smiles which will help us keep a solid memory of them. It is all a horrible nightmare, and we will soon wake up to their faces and their smiles, their jokes and their laughs, and most of all, their bodies and their flesh so we could reach out and hold them tight.

We will see each other one day in a parallel universe perhaps where god is great and lets us keep those whom we love forever.

Hearing your sister say you won’t ever respond is what did it to me. Seeing your family and your friends gathered, crying, and full of disbelief and anger is what did it for me. That is what broke the little string of hope which dangled from the possibility of it all being a dreadful dream.

But Perhaps it is a dreadful dream. Soon we will all wake up and be together. All of us in one great big space, enjoying and looking back at our memories together.

You are gone, but you will never be forgotten. Your memory will live forever on the tracks and the walls. The smell of fresh paint will always ease the pain of your loss. Rest easy friends and watch over us with the strong compassion your hearts always carried.

It was the flames of the majestic phoenix cooled with the sky blue halo which sent you into the heavens.

My deepest condolences to the families of these two great gentlemen. We love you and we miss you.

Rest in Peace, Niko and Axel.

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