I am Not What You Think

I am not a monster I am not water I am not power I am not a flower So many things I am So many things I am not A monster destroys others I am only destroying myself Water moves around its obstacles I crash into them Power runs the world I run away from... Read more »

The Trip

My emptiness has always been about being adventurous and reckless. A feeling of adrenaline that fills our veins, and an enjoyment in the curiosity of the world. The way we freely walk when these tiny creatures crawl into our brains, and their enchantment of the new world we have entered. We could find these magical... Read more »


It’s been a while Silence and emotions not dialed My writings were forced to a humble mild I want to be, free as the bird which hums its life away A hummingbird hidden away in a steal caged den They ask me, “why does the caged bird sing?” And I simply say I sing because... Read more »

Do you know the difference?

Do you know the difference between wanting to die And Wanting to be dead One is full of suffering and pain Cruel feelings attached to your loves’ veins I do not want to die I want to be dead Fed alive in my bed and rested in between the days Of cold remembrance of all... Read more »

An Open Letter to Latinx's Post Trump's Win

Wednesday November 9th 12:30PM I went to sleep last night knowing it was going to happen, but I woke up this morning wishing it was all a dream, a nightmare. I stepped outside of my door, the leaves were a beautiful autumn orange, and the soft Chicago wind undressed each branch of the trees, showing... Read more »


We are Oblivious to death It is the first peddle that buds And the last leaf that falls The same wind that cools you off Is the same wind that drops the first bomb Fall It is the orange and the yellow Which drowns out the mellow melodies And provides the remedies for respiratory confinement... Read more »

College Students: What will I become?

Dear College, It took two years for it to finally hit. Third semester in, and I’m in college. Wow. As I walked out of my calculus class confused as ever, a grin spread across my face, and I felt like I was a freshman again. I realized where I was standing, and what I was... Read more »


They say when you’re drunk, you’re the most honest Now you know why I’m turning into an alcoholic Twist my intestines, they yell rip To the good hearted soul hanging on the tip of the cliff Alcohol, the truth serum Kills the demons but revives the love bred by an Angel Love is broken Heart... Read more »

I Miss the Old Kanye

I miss the old Kanye Nope I wish I was Kanye Never worn a pink polo but I swear to god I thought I was Kanye Not your lord and savior Jesus Christ But my home boy Yeezus’ Might Self conscious unlike Kanye But self admiration is my way Pass my art through congress and... Read more »

David and Goliath

Happiness is inconceivable, non-achievable, impractical It’s a mental state of mind paralyzed by life Only brought back to capability by the devil’s lettuce and his enemies blood Teenagers don’t run happily into malls, without an inner brawl enhanced by their metal breakdowns, quarter-life crisis. The lucky ones are the ones who never have to spend... Read more »