The Struggle is Real: 5 Steps to Overcome Struggle

The Struggle is Real:  5 Steps to Overcome Struggle

Some people seem like they have it all together.  Some people seem like they are in constant struggle or drama mode.  Let’s face it.  We all struggle some time or another in our lives.  The difference between these two kinds of people is how they handle the struggle.   They face it!  They have a growth mindset.  All of us have had periods in our life that were less than fabulous. The struggles vary from breakups, divorce, financial hardship, unsatisfying jobs, no job, health issues, loss of a loved one, struggle to lose weight and feeling unhappy.  There is a wide range of things that make us feel like we are struggling.  The struggle comes from not being satisfied, happy, or fulfilled at the moment.  I say at the moment because time and action can get us out of so many of our struggles if we so choose.

Some may argue with that last statement.  I’m not here to engage in debate, but to share some insight.   If you continue reading, you’ll see some ways that I myself have used and others that I consider happy and successful, well-balanced people use to overcome a struggle.  Believe in your ability to overcome the struggle and read on!  Life can feel like it SUCKS at times! Embrace the suck.  You can move beyond it!  How badly do you want to feel better?  You have choices.  Here are five steps that have helped me.

Create time to figure out what you DESIRE

If you’re not happy or feel like you are struggling with something, what is it that you want?  What will make you feel better?  What is going to remedy the issue?  Can you fix this alone?  Do you need some help? Set time aside to think about what it is that you are struggling with.  What can you do to be in a better place?  How can you conquer the issue?  Pour ideas on to paper.  List people that may be able to help, actions you can take, and think about a time frame.  Just spill all your thoughts. Get clear on what you want. Set this time aside and commit to yourself to stop the struggle! Believe that you can figure this out!  Decide what kind of life you REALLY want and then, say NO to everything that isn’t that.  It’s your life. Get ready to create the life you want!

Set up a plan to get to that desired goal

Now that you have taken some time to seriously think about the issue you’re struggling with, get a plan of action!  Talk to someone who can guide you if you’re not able to figure a way out yourself.  Two heads are better than one most of the time!  From those ideas on your paper, create a timeline with action steps and milestones to reach on the timeline.  Who will do what by when?  Now comes the work.  You need to take action!  Take steps every day, every week, or every month to get closer to your desired outcome.  When you start moving in another direction, momentum changes your mood.  You begin to see things differently.  If you want a new job, get someone to help you create a resume.  You want to lose weight, get in a group or lookup methods that may have worked for other people.  Get the plan set, commit, and be persistent! Be like gum on the bottom of your shoe!

Change your daily routine to support the goal

Part of your routine requires building time in your day to make things happen.  We all have 24 hours in our day.  Some of us use those hours very differently to get the outcomes we want.  Building a daily routine that supports your action steps will help you see results!  Action makes the difference.  If your struggle is weight loss, set up a time to build in exercise.  If you want to write a book, block out time in your day to write.  Change your routine by creating time for action steps to get you the desired outcome YOU said you wanted.  No one else can get you where you want to be.  It will take some work but the final result will be fulfilling.  You have three choices:  give up, give in, or give it ALL you’ve got!

Visualize yourself in your end game

You figured out what the struggle was.  You figured out what you desire.  You created a routine and etched out time in your schedule to make stuff happen.  You are almost there!  Now it’s time to visualize yourself in the desired position.  Visualize yourself in the end game!  Meditate, pray, visualize, and feel like it is going to feel when you accomplish your goal.  You can even vision board it!  Get a poster. Gather photos, phrases, keywords that will help you support the plan.  Place them on the board and position it somewhere that you can see it and focus on it!  I have been amazed at how things on my vision board all of a sudden have come into my life.  Amazing!

Connect with a support system

You are on your way to getting your desired outcome! This next step helps seal the deal.  Connecting with positive people is a must!  A support system truly catapults the process. Have you ever met someone that seems to drain you or bring your mood down 1 minute after you started talking with them?  Stay away from those people. Have you been around someone who gets you motivated, inspired, and you just don’t want to leave them?  Those are the people you want to be sure to connect with!  Connect to others who are inspirational, positive, and support your commitment to meet your goal.  Stay away from Serenity Suckers, Debbie Downers, and Emotional Vampires that suck the joy right out of you.  Instead, read positive quotes, listen to motivation podcasts, write positive notes to yourself.  These things can help when you are not able to connect with a positive source.  Always recharge though.  Make time to pump the positivity!

The struggle is REAL!  These five steps have helped me conquer some major struggles in my life.   Be determined and stay committed to yourself!  Take the time and effort needed to rise above the struggle.  You can do it.  Be true to you.  Execute your plan.  I’m cheering for you!


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