Quick Check In Before Charging Into 2019

Quick Check In Before Charging Into 2019

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Quick Check In…

In only a few months, with only one dedicated decision to change jobs, my life has drastically changed.  I went from being top of my game and an all-knowing guru to knowing nothing and having to learn a myriad of new material and stretching.  I’ve come from a crowded place filled with boisterous laughter, loudness, and love to working alone in silence, traveling, eating, and sleeping alone in unknown places. I’m feeling like a disoriented gypsy having left my tribe somewhere behind.

I left because I had a longing in my soul.  I had a desire for something more.  It lingered for a long time.  I would ignore it and push it aside.  The time came when I could no longer trade pieces of my dreams for promises of safety and the comfort zone.  I left that promise of safety behind to journey on a path of the unknown with confusion and insight, excitement and boredom, loneliness and light.

How should I continue charging into 2019?

As I evaluate my short time in this new space, I have come to realize that it has given me fresh insight into who I want to be and how I want to show up in the world in this given time I have!  My growth depended on that decision.  It was what I need to step into my destiny.

Do I long for that comfort?  YES!  Do I miss the laughter, loudness, and love?  YES!  Do I want to return?  NO!  The growing pains will subside with time.  There is no growth in the comfort zone!  The urge to go back will subside.  I tell myself there are more adventures to be had, more of the country to see, more growth to experience!  There is much more about me to learn.  It’s in this rich, fertile soil of newness where I blossom even more.

If I think of this new space in time as a colorful puzzle, the pieces are delicately minute and each carved piece adds to the finished beauty of the whole.  These new events and interactions have begun to reshape me!  The nuggets of knowledge have helped claim some newfound confidence.  Confidence to know that I can conquer what I set out to do!  I am stronger than I think!  I cannot be all things to all people.  I may disappoint people. I can’t know it all within a short snapshot of time.  Be patient!  I have time.  I am not afraid to seek support to level up and step up!  This is just some of my newfound whimsical wisdom.

It’s with nervous and excited anticipation that I continue on this unpredictable, joyous journey called life as I am charging into 2019 bringing newness, growth, and newfound confidence!

Blogging on a flight home from 37,000 feet above…

Until next time!

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