It's Time to Say Goodbye!



We met when I was so young. I was only 22 years old! It was a playful, naive beginning! It was absolutely fun-filled and adventurous! We would stay together long hours developing and honing our craft. It was challenging and rewarding all at the same time. There were twists and turns, but we grew up together intertwining as one. I identified myself through you!

You have been one of my greatest confidants. You have been a constant, stable force in my life before I knew what life even had in store for me. You were there through marriage, through divorce, births of children, and deep losses in my life.

I knew you were there as my safety net that gave me courage to risk entrepreneurial adventures. I knew I could not fail, because I always had you! You have been my rock. You have been the stability that had me stand firm on solid ground even when it felt shaky.

I have been with you all of my adult life and more than half of my entire life at this point. 27 years you and I have been joined at the hip. We have been through easy and hard times, joyful and sad times, and exciting and tranquil times.

By having you as part of my life, I was able to meet people that have also helped shape, influence, and teach me priceless life lessons. They taught me that friends can be as treasured as family, tomorrow is another day SMILE, and you’re doing world changing work! I will forever be grateful to you for bringing them into my life.

As I am writing this, warm tears are flowing down my cheeks!  I can’t believe I’m saying this! I can’t believe I am doing this! As I am growing up and getting older, I see myself moving away from you like a beach ball gently floating away in the ocean… ever so slowly away. I have to share my feelings and be true to you as you were ever so true to me.

I’ll be parting with you dear teaching career! I am RETIRING and exploring other adventures! I will forever be grateful for what you have molded me to be, the unconditional support you gave me, and all you have taught me over the years!! I’ll never be far, because you are ingrained in me.


With all my love,


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