4 Reasons Why I am Saying Goodbye to 2017 Now!

4 Reasons Why I am Saying Goodbye to 2017 Now!

When I reflect back on 2017, I can say there were some good times and some not so good times.  Like every year, there are ups and downs.  This year, 2017, has brought us the year of the Rooster, not that impressive.  It has brought us the Broadway play Hamilton: An American Musical that has taken the stage by storm. We also had the total solar eclipse in August. There were beautiful displays of meteor showers as well this summer!  Verizon acquired Yahoo. Whoa!  Let’s NOT forget the Presidential Inauguration!  I’ll leave that topic alone!  That’s a blog for another time!  I am ready to say goodbye to 2017!

I have found over the years that I rather like to start my New Year early! November is a good month to end the year!   Just to avoid all the hassle around the holidays!  It gives you a jump start on things.  Don’t get me wrong.  I enjoy the winter holiday season.  Just not quite as much as I used to.  This year brought with it this rather large and confusing number. It brought me 50!  Yes, I turned 50 this year.  According to my mom, I was born in 1967 and that makes me 50.  It has had me a bit less tolerant of people and things that bring nonsense with them.  I also unexpectedly lost my younger sister in April.  That felt like someone socked me in the chest and knocked the wind out of me.  I am ready to start this new year of 50 and 2018 now, and say goodbye to 2017!

Here are my 4 reasons why I am saying “Goodbye” to 2017 now!

4.  I have had enough advertising! Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday and Cyber Week are just black-fridaytoo MUCH!  I think I may not even start shopping for Christmas.  Retailers have me burned out, and I
haven’t bought ONE present yet! The thought of going to an overcrowded store where you have to wait in a line 30 people deep with little coffee before 8 am is pure INSANITY! No Black Friday or Cyber anything shopping for me!

3.  I’m ready for a fresh scent! The fish rots from the head down.  I think that when leaders are not true tweetleaders everyone suffers to some degree.  Not all true leaders even carry titles.  They are just born leaders and can positively influence people!  I think that starting a new year now will bring a fresh face to 2018.  We all should learn from 2017, grow, and tweet less!

2.  I have some awesomely exciting business ventures and ideas that I just can’t wait to begin!  I want 2018 to start now!

1. The number one reason I am saying “Goodbye” to 2017 is that I am expecting even greater abundance, love, peace, joy, and “me” time in 2018 and I can’t wait for that!


Let’s start a NEW year right now! Let it be filled with love not fear! Let 2018 be a year of more than enough instead of just enough. Let the focus of the upcoming holidays be one of heartfelt memories not just emotionless boxes to open.  Let leaders in all arenas realize the magnitude of their influence and use it to truly LEAD not just manage or dictate. Let 2018 make us all WILDLY successful!

Goodbye 2017! I am eagerly awaiting my 2018…



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