Risk-Taking: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Risk-Taking: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Life is full of challenges and risks!  Challenges and risks face us everyday from the minute we wake up to the moment we go to bed.  Each of us see risk-taking differently.  Some avoid risk taking like a contagious plague!  Other people are eager to take risks and take them on with an invigorated attitude.  At this point in my life, I am ready to be a BIGGER risk taker!  Am I scared? Oh, yeah!  Risk-taking has its good, bad, and ugly points!

Let’s start with the bad and the ugly!

I have started a digital media marketing firm.  Yeah, this sounds fancy pants.  It’s fun, and it’s work outside of my day job.  It is my side hustle! Working toward making it my main hustle some day! I am taking a risk!  The bad and the ugly of risk-taking can involve some negative self-talk!  Do I put this out there for all to know about?  What if it fails?  What will people think?  Can I make this business venture successful?  With this risk-taking venture many emotions surface.  They are numerous and range from uncertainty, fear of failure, embarrassment, to rejection.  Will this do well?   Can I make this a smashing success?  Who am I to think I can run a business?  Will I get support from the people closest to me?  Do they have confidence in me?  Do I have confidence in myself?

This is the bad and the ugly of risk taking!  Negative emotions and limiting beliefs don’t let you live a fulfilled life.  These thoughts don’t allow you to grow!  They keep you many times in the safe zone afraid of change.  These fixed mindset thoughts keep you from trying new ventures, meeting new people, and experiencing life in its fullest.

While I sit and ponder the bad and the ugly, I dig deep and think.  Am I content with staying in the comfort zone?  Am I ok with the same old same old?  Am I ready to be different?  Am I ready to evolve and challenge myself?  Am I ready to change the mindset that so many have about women entrepreneurs and success in business?  Do I have the drive and determination that it takes?  Is my WHY strong enough?  Are there resources out there to support me in this adventure?  Do I wake up with the passion that will keep me pushing through ALL the negative chatter in my own head and perceived views of others?  Hmmmmm…

Let’s go to the good!

As I sit in conversation with myself,  I say, “HELL YEAH! I commit to the journey of following my passion!  I commit to risk-taking fully knowing that there may be challenges!  I will not be so worried about the views of others!  Why do their opinions matter to me anyway?  I believe that whatever the adversity, challenge, or struggle, it’s all worth the feeling I get going after my dream and living a fully charged life!  I commit to my path of growth and development!  I commit to the excitement that building this business ignites in my soul!  I think about risk-taking as a challenge that catapults me out of my comfort zone!  Am ready to put myself out there?   Yes!  Am I ready to embrace a growth mindset that means failures, obstacles, and challenges give me lessons?  Yes!  If not, I am stagnant!  The good in risk-taking is that instead of the negative feelings or fears, there are feelings and thoughts that let your mind feel elated!  The successes, however small, are sweet!  There is a ticklish feeling in my stomach when thinking of the potential success! There is a sense of excited anticipation of what is to come!  There is an immense sense of pride in knowing that I aid and empower others to build their businesses and strive for success!  Risk-taking is a must!  For me, the good outweighs the bad and the ugly, as it should.

Notes to self…

Be brave! Take risks!

Be wildly successful! (Whatever that looks like to YOU!)


Fearlessly pursue your passion!

You got this, girlie!




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