Fall in Love with the Journey

Fall in Love with the Journey

As I sit here on this beautiful summer morning, I designate time to sit and ponder all that flows through my mind.  The thoughts are flowing like a busy Lake Shore Drive flow of traffic during rush hour. These silent times let me think, explore and be open to the possibilities.  I am always sure to keep a notebook or journal near so I can jot things down.  In this stillness and silence, I feel the energy of change.  That scares me a bit.

This summer, I decided to give my summer a theme of sorts.  While sitting and thinking, I came up with the Summer of My Renaissance!   The word Renaissance, literally meaning “Rebirth” in French.  WOW!!  Much has been happening in my thinking process and desires that I want to see manifest in my life.  My experience this summer can be compared to a pancake getting flipped!  You know when you pour the batter; it is liquidy and begins to solidify as the heat interacts with it.  Then you flip it and it changes form again on the other side.  This summer has changed me and my state of perception on many fronts. This was truly the appropriate theme for this summer!  My “rebirth”…

I didn’t used to like time alone to think too deeply.  Every time I would sit and think and ponder, it developed in change sometimes-small incremental change and sometimes-BIG change!  It made me think about situations that needed to be addressed or take some action on.  At times, the comfort zone was easier to maintain than ground-shaking change was to endure.  I used to see change as a negative uprooting force.  It is all in our perception.  One single situation can be perceived as happy or sad, dark or light, selfish or caring depending on your view at the moment.  I know am learning to give time and attention to thinking and seeing the positive lesson in situations.

Note to my Comfort Zone…

I’m crushing you!  I am not stuck in that place any longer.  I will do all the thought provoking thinking and focus to get me out of that zone and be open to the excited anticipation of all the wonderful things that can come my way.  Getting out of the comfort zone can be a little scary!  I’m ready!

Now, I cherish silent time and almost crave it.  During this alone to think, I challenge my mind, my goals, myself, and what I desire my life to look like!  Think Time has become a friend and a part of my life!  Getting rid of the mental clutter allows clarity on what I desire and how I make that happen.  Alone time allows me take the wheel to guide this journey we call life.  Life can be a bumpy ride!! I’m hanging on!

All that happens to us happens for us.  It’s a powerful path we are on.  Creating positive momentum in your life’s plan helps the flow of it.  On this journey, I desire to sustain the sense of a calm sureness that opens up possibilities.  What really matters in life is that you fall in love with the journey what ever may cross our path.  Along the way be sure to include people that support, nurture, and respect your journey.  Some people will support you.  Some will criticize you.  Some people will be the all- knowing expert telling you how you can or should handle a situation.   Some will love you!  Keep them close!  You KNOW that some will hate you.  Others will be jealous.  I think that jealousy is really just a person’s own dissatisfaction with how they view their journey and what they want it to be and you APPEAR to have it together! They are not walking in your shoes or stilettos!  Sometimes the people that seem to have it all together have their moments.  Just remember, it’s your journey!

Note to people…

If I didn’t ask for your opinion on a matter, PLEASE keep it to yourself or ask me if you can share a thought.  I’m doing me!  If you think that is selfish, I’m sorry.  I am behind the wheel of the Audi A6 convertible (my next car (LOL)) on this journey.  I’m glad you’re part of it!  I am walking my walk and making the choices that I see fit and will deal with the outcomes…  I LOVE YOU!

We get ONE chance here.  Why not do it your way?  Why not be in control of it?  Why not fall in love with it?


Not all that comes across us on this path is positivity, rainbows, and sunshine.  Believe me!  That’s part of what makes us who are.  How we deal with it helps define us.  We truly control our journey more than we know.  Many times we give up our power!  I now accept that whatever it is I am faced with, it is for a reason.  All that happens to us happens for us.  I take it as it comes, deal with it, and move on to get back on the path that I am creating for the life I desire.  I don’t control others, BUT I control how I react to them and any given situation!

Feel the power of the forward moving momentum and the excited anticipation of all that this journey has to bring!  I know there are some truly awesome things that can happen… if we open our eyes and shift our perception.  Why not see half full instead of half empty?  Why not see partly sunny instead of partly cloudy?

I challenge you to fall in love with your journey!  Our choices have put us where we are.  We can change it anytime!  Why not come into this with the sense of love not fear?  Fall in love with the journey!  Guide it.  Be you!  The possibilities are limitless!

Be open…

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