The 7 Nays of Christmas

The 7 Nays of Christmas

There are only 7 days until Christmas! It’s quickly approaching!



My 7 Nays of Christmas list is here to give you a few things to ponder!

7.  Food in abundance… Eat a bit less at each meal so you don’t have to buy bigger pants after the hectic holiday eating!

6.  The hustle and bustle of the season keeps us running!  Take time out for the ones you love!

5.  Gifts, gifts, gifts!  If you are exchanging gifts, be sure to keep it practical!  A 7-day of the week pantie set is NOT for everyone!

4.  Unless your name is legally Grinch, it’s time to get off the crotchety caravan!!  Be NICE!



3.  Hey baby, it’s cold outside!  Donate a gently used coat to someone less fortunate and give the gift of warmth this season.

2.  Thinking about everyone on your Christmas list?  Don’t forget YOU!  Get yourself a groovy little gift, baby!

1.  Don’t forget to treat others how you would like to be treated! Treat others with the same compassion, love and respect!  We ALL deserve it!


Be the light!

Merry Christmas!

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