An Open Letter to Me for Tomorrow

An Open Letter to Me for Tomorrow

Hello Me!

I have been thinking.  I think many times people give in too easily for what they dream of!  I think it’s fun to daydream, but when you have an inner yearning or desire for something, are you cheating yourself by not pursuing it diligently or letting other things distract you from it?

I have to say, you need to rethink some of the ideas that you have resigned yourself to see as beliefs.  You shouldn’t put limitations on what you want or think you can’t have.  Nothing is impossible!  Impossible already says… I’m possible!

We all have Belief Systems, B.S. for short.  Many times these get in our OWN way of what we want.  I hear many friends and even some family members say, “I’ve always wanted to…”  They so many times have a melancholy face as they say those words.  Do they have regrets?  What has stopped them?

When asked, several just rationalize why they didn’t try to go after that dream or desire.  I can sense the feeling of a deflated excitement as they seem to have a brief glimmer or sparkle in their eyes as the thought flashes through their minds, then as though a bucket of cold water was splashed on them, it quickly exhausts and thrusts them back to current day reality of not having tried or accomplished that dream, goal or desire!

Do you want to gently age and reminisce on opportunities that you chose to sit on the bench and watch pass by?  Should you rationalize away all the reasons why you can’t get that, reach that or succeed at that?  Are you afraid to try?  You could fail or just get results that aren’t exactly what was envisioned.

Could you succeed??  That is the bigger question!  Could you exceed beyond your wildest expectations?  How would that change your comfort zone?  How would it change your LIFE??  Are you ready?

Yes, world I am ready!  I am ready for all the challenges life has to bring!  Yes, I am ready for all the celebrations of all the success life has!  Sometimes staying in your comfort zone seems pleasant enough, but you cheat yourself of what life can truly offer if you sit and watch life pass by.

I don’t want to gently age and be sitting on a beautifully flowered veranda, feeling a warm gentle breeze, sipping my beverage of choice and be wondering… “I wonder what life would be like now if I had just…”

In order not to live that way, changes have to be made, comfort zones left and a bit of risk taken.  Am I ready?  The answer is resoundingly, YES!

So move out of the way haters, people that pretend to be interested, those that are temporary season kind of friends or people in my circles that are just here to see what they can get.  I really don’t have time or care to waste anymore of the precious moments in a day I don’t get back.  Life may begin to look a bit different, and I may miss some of the people that don’t fit into the vision of what I WANT my life to look like!  That’s fine.  Fear can’t hold you back!


I’m ready for you, tomorrow!

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