Teddy Talks: Education, Motivation and an iMovie

Teddy Talks: Education, Motivation and an iMovie

Never a dull moment…

At the beginning of this school year, the NEW superintendent of our school district, Dr. Joe, gathered us all at Central High School and gave us this speech. It was quite touching and DID bring a tear to my eye. It was a story about a boy named “TEDDY”. It chronicled the life and changes that teachers saw in Teddy from kindergarten through 4th grade.  After reading Teddy’s school record, the 4th grade teacher who had Teddy that year CHANGED her whole approach!!  She suddenly began to understand why Teddy was Teddy. It was transformational for the child and the teacher!

It told of how ONE teacher made a difference in Teddy’s life forever!

Dr. Joe urged each of us to adopt a Teddy.  So being the good listener I am, I chose a Teddy for this school year from a 5th grade class.

I check in with my Teddy often.  My Teddy has been in some trouble lately, and I sometimes want to avoid the same old conversation with him about why he chooses not to behave. Today, I saw him sitting in the HOT seat in the office! This was BEFORE my morning coffee!! He thought he was going to get sent home, hadn’t taken his meds and was quite rambunctious!

This morning, I was in a bit of a funk and really didn’t want to be a disciplinarian. After saying hello, I was going to walk out of the office right past him to not have to ask why he was sitting there AGAIN!  As I was walking toward the door, Teddy and I caught eyes, and I could almost read into his little soul. His eyes looked sad and disheartened. I couldn’t walk past him and not probe into what was bothering him.

As I asked, he proceeded to tell me that he was not listening to the substitute and thought he was going to get sent home. He was making choices not to behave in class. I went to the principal. I told her my Teddy was in some trouble, and I asked the principal if I could take him to my room and have him complete his work and talk to him. He could stay and work with me instead of missing instructional time. She agreed that was a good idea.

Teddy and I discussed his behavior and consequences for some of the morning. He wanted to keep this “hard core” attitude!  I told him that we both had some work to do, and we sat quietly for the rest of the morning working.

It was now HIS lunchtime. As he was eating in my room , I asked about what he liked and he shared, and I told him about some of my hobbies. I told him one of my favorite things is making iMovies for The Tomfoolery Show!  I showed him some of my movies! He was really excited! I told him I would help him make a movie today!!

He read his social studies lesson on Christopher Columbus and the iMovie for today was about what he learned about Christopher Columbus and the Columbian Exchange. WHOA!! Withhold your excitement!

I told him I will show him how to make some REALLY cool iMovies as MOTIVATION to  improve his behavior.

Did I crack a bit of Teddy’s hard core today?  I CAN ONLY HOPE!
I hope I can be like the other Teddy’s teacher and help turn a kid around!

Keeping the FAITH!!

Stay tuned for more Teddy Talks!


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