Like the Great Philosopher Nike… Just do it!

Like the Great Philosopher Nike… Just do it!

It’s only two in the afternoon and I have heard or read the words “motivator” and “inspiration” 19 times.  Yes, I counted!  For some reason today, these words invoked an inspirational jolt in me!  I joined a Facebook group 30-day Challenge to transform a body area, rode my recumbent bike 7.33 miles before 7 :00 a.m. and have read and commented on many Facebook and Twitter comments dealing with positivity.

I truly believe that what you give out you attract back.  I try to keep it positive.  Is that always easy??  Hell, NO!!  I believe it’s better to shut up than spew negativity.

Today before 7:00 a.m., I was inspired to kick ass on the new challenge of transforming and reshaping my body.  I think that is something we should constantly keep working on.  I see friends and family who let their bodies get a bit out of shape and are fighting hard now to recoup the time lost on letting it go.  I KNOW better than most how quickly those cheeseburgers can go to the hips, midsection and arms!  I have been on a journey for about the 3 years now to reshape and revitalize my body. It is a daily process, but it is WELL worth the efforts.  Those first steps to getting off the sofa are the hardest!!

Just remember friends…


Today, I had separate conversations with 2 different dear friends.  They both mentioned how I have inspired or motivated them to do certain things.  I am glad that I can be a motivator or inspiration to someone.  I look to others myself to fill that role.  Again let me say, what you put out you get back!   I am fortunate enough to have AWESOME motivators and inspirations come into my path that keep me charged!  Just the other day, I had a friend ask me about my blogging!  We had a brief conversation about him wanting to start a blog!!  He has taken action to make it happen!  Just today we were talking about it again, and HE has inspired me to get back to blogging!!   So here it is!!  Does it have to be perfect… Hell, NO!

I read a Facebook post by one of my friends who walked over 19 miles last week.  In between paragraphs here, I am tying my running shoes to get ready to run!!  She has MOTIVATED me!

If there has to be a purpose to blogging, then let the message today be…

Be the change the want to see in the world.  Motivate and inspire someone like you want to be motivated and inspired!  Love like you want to be loved!

Like the great Greek philosopher NIKE says,

Just do it!!

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