Cheers to 2014, PMA, and all that!

Cheers to 2014, PMA, and all that!







Think and Grow Rich, Success Through Positive Mental Attitude, UnlimitedPower…

These are audio books you will find on my iPad, iPhone, and Macbook!   I LOVE reading, but now I am into LISTENING to books.  It fits better into my life, and I don’t need to buy another bookcase!

Don’t you wish you could just THINK and grow rich?  I have a POSITIVE attitude! Where’s my success?  I think I have unlimited POWER, maybe not unlimited energy! Why is some crazy shit coming my way in 2014???  It’s only January!

Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich, gives some fabulous ideas from successful MEN at the turn of the century.  Just NOT this century!  J.P. Morgan and Henry Ford gained phenomenal success with the practices mentioned in his book!  I am actually on my second read of that book.   Success Through Positive Mental Attitude is somewhat of a spin off from Hill’s book.  It gives MORE strategies on how to acquire desires and reach goals through PMA.  I am not writing with the intention of this being a book report though!

Then there’s my man Tony Robbins with Unlimited Power, telling me to Awaken the Giant Within!  My GIANT is a bit smaller than his standing at about  6’7”!!  Yes, I have even WALKED on HOT coals at a Tony Robbins seminar!! That was LIFE changing and an out of this world experience! That truly explains some of why I am the way I am today!

All of this has a feel good effect, for a while.  I need to pump it into my head daily and keep it on audio so I can get doses as needed!  The reality is that SHIT HAPPENS! Negativity is ALL around, and it’s hard to keep it out!!  I didn’t even have cable or regular television at my house for months.  Friends would ask, “Did you see that on the news?”  I would reply, “I don’t have TV at home.”  After a look like I was an alien from another planet, they would ask, “WHY NOT?”  My reply always consisted of something like, “It’s depressing and there’s enough negativity. I choose not to let it permeate my soul.”  Anyway, come on, IF it is really important…. I’ll see it on Facebook!  What about watching the weather they would ask.  I would say, “There’s an app for that!”

Come on people! Aren’t there so many other ways to LIVE life than sit and watch a box?  We live in square houses (like boxes), work in offices or rooms (shaped like boxes), eat out of boxes, and many drive cars like the Scion xB (that look like a box)!  It’s time to get out of the box!

I get teased many times for being Ms. Positivity.  I can say, it’s not easy and takes work!  I have been married, divorced, have had to give up ten of THOUSANDS of dollars, don’t always win at 31 at my Grandmother’ s house, have been WRONG a few times, AND haven’t won the Mega Million Lottery yet!  I sit and cry, worry, eat bad some days, and haven’t exercised for a few weeks.  I gave up on predicting what will happen in the future and put living life at the forefront for now.

I think life is about habits good or bad.  I have gotten much further in life hanging on TIGHT to this positive attitude and good habits over the bad.  It takes time and energy to build good habits.  It takes work!  Flossing, exercising, eating right are all work!   Positive ATTITUDE is work!  There’s a certified letter you dread opening, a crabby person you have to return a call to, TAX time coming up, people talking shit behind your back!  YOU know it!  It happens.

Instead of getting sucked into that vacuum, I think about the positive!  Things cycle from good to bad throughout life.  Think about the LOVES in your life, your health, your JOB, the co-workers you like, the fact that we KNOW spring WILL come, sooner or later!  Positive THINKING alone will not get you where you want to be though.  It’s a temporary HIGH!  You have to take ACTION to change what isn’t working for you.  Small steps will get you where you WANT to be.  BELIEVE me!  Believe me…

Upon closing this blog, I would like to say that I am EXCITED at the start of this crazy 2014, my advice to you is take on whatever comes your way with a positive attitude, surround yourself with like-minded people, and keep making the haters hate… SUCCESS to you in 2014!! Life is GOOD!

P.S. I don’t profit from plugging the above mentioned books…. But I am working on that!!

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