HELP! I need somebody!

HELP!  I need somebody!

As a teacher, mom, sister, daughter, friend I think I give more help than I usually ask for or receive.  I think I am a giver, in my eyes, at least.  There have been times that I have needed help.  I have been extremely fortunate that when I have needed something, I have people that have been there for me.  I can say that I am really fortunate and am thankful for that!

There was one specific time that I needed help!  It was moral support kind of help to get my head straight.  I had been left with a rental property that was in a bit of a shambles.  It was getting gutted down to the subflooring and two by fours!  I, of course, am a teacher who doesn’t really like to get dirty, except for Mud Runs!  Here I am with a house that’s a wreck, mortgage on that property that needed to be paid, and a basement full of the materials ready to be installed.

Well, HELLO, I didn’t know how to install them! I didn’t know how to hang drywall, joint compound, lay tile, and all of that! I was having a pity party for myself as the stress was mounting to do something with this property.  I had procrastinated LONG enough!  I go to the Superhero in my life, my Grandmother.  Always there to console, nurture, love, and solve problems that make the whole world better!!  Boy, I was in for a life lesson.

I arrive at her house to visit and talk with her about my dilemma.  I proceed to tell Granny my sorrowful, crybaby, sob story.  I was waiting for her to wrap her arms around me like I was a young child seeking comfort.  Oh, no!  As I was allowing tears to flow down my cheeks and my mascara was looking a bit like Tammy Fay Baker’s, she firmly grips my shoulders with her delicate hands and turns my face up to look her in the eyes.  Thank goodness I was not holding my breath waiting for her comforting words.  She instead HELPED to change my perspective on the situation.  “Stop crying,” are the words I heard in her firm, low teacher voice!  Wait!  That’s NOT what I was waiting to hear!  She proceeded to HELP me see this situation as an opportunity instead of a liability.  She reminded me that I was a strong, determined woman that was not going to let a few small setbacks hold me back!

She then went to get a pad of paper and began writing down the game plan!  I got a short-term loan to hire some workers, finished the project before summer was over, and sold the property! Her help that early summer afternoon was not what I was expecting, but was what I needed!  It is not something I will soon forget.

Needless to say, her HELP netted me a profit of $50,000 after some hard work learning to drywall, sand, primer, and paint!   That kind of HELP is priceless!

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