Letter to My Boy Child

Letter to My Boy Child

My Dearest B,


Well, my boy child… I sooo wanted one of you.  I loved you before you ever entered this world.  As your mother, I feel the need to share some life with you.  You will be turning 9 years old in a few days, and I have been thinking about all the things I want to share with you.  You are young, but teach me new things all the time.


If I save this letter in a time capsule of sorts to share with you in 20 years, these would be the Top 10 things to remember that your momma told you…

In no certain order…

Tomorrow is NOT promised!!  Don’t be afraid to LOVE!  Life is so much better having experienced it during your lifetime!


Soap is your friend!  When you take a shower, USE some.  At 9, you didn’t like it so much!


Always do your absolute best!  People don’t like half ass efforts!


Legos hurt when stepped on! When you have a boy child,  I hope he leaves Legos on the floor so you can feel my pain!!


Treat women with respect and like a lady.  You may have daughters, and there’s this thing called a Karma Bus.  Treat women like you want your daughters treated!


READ to keep your mind thinking and learning!


Soccer can be FUN!  Ok… you weren’t too keen on soccer at 9, but basketball worked for you!  KEEP fit!


Always LOVE your sisters… when you are old, they WILL be there for you!


I was so glad to have a boy child!  I thought by having a small prototype of a man, I could possible figure them out!! HA!  That hasn’t happened yet!


NEVER EVER forget that I am your BIGGEST fan and LOVE you more than any words in this world can express.


Un abrazo fuerte!






P.S.  ONE more…  ALWAYS laugh and smile!

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