Nine months ago I was thinking ‘Why don’t I write the presidency I am Nostalgic for – The Clinton Era: For the Prosperous Times Of:
1) Economic Abundance and Prosperity
2) Husband and Wife Teamwork and Innovation
3) Town Hall Meetings and Public Discussion
4) No Public BackBiting, Backlash and/or Harrassment
— And Ask them to Help the Public.’
We almost All Need Help with:

1) Better Employment Opportunities
2) Social Economics that are in Proportion to Average American Households (Basic, Wage-Earning, Small-Check Writing)
3) Accessible Rents, Housing Prices, and Property Taxes
4) Lower, Economically Proportional, Sales Tax
5) Employable, Economically Proportional, Minimum Wage
6) Lower Entertainment Prices

I wrote Former President Bill Clinton, Senator John McCain, and Former Representative Dennis Kucinich, and suggested CITIZEN’S GOVERNMENT as an ANSWER to:
1) Appealing To The Public, And
2) Re-Involving The Public in American Government.

CITIZEN’S GOVERNMENT is an INVITE to the American People to Be Trained By the American Government in:
1) American History
2) American Government Job Skills
3) American Rights and Laws
4) American Government Security

This would be a 6-9 month Project and would result in American Morale Building:
1) Job Offers to Qualified citizens to work in the American Government, and
2) Citizen Job Evaluations to use to get other Private Sector Jobs and Education.

I Hope they think about it.

I Have another Idea for a Public Outer Space Program — A 5-7 Year Degree Program to Work in Outer Space Building Planets, Suns, and Space Ships — that I wrote as an NSF Grant in 2010-2012.

In my Letter to Former President Clinton, Senator McCain, and Former Representative Kucinich, I suggested that they pick up a candidate such as Kucinich and Run with CITIZEN’S GOVERNMENT on the Term Beginning Side and the PUBLIC OUTER SPACE PROGRAM on the Term Continuing Side. They could do this WHEN the Presidency is FREELY AVAILABLE, 2020 or 2024, without a slight to anyone. I think they should.  They would be EXCESSIVELY POPULAR to OFFER GOVERNMENT JOB TRAINING, and a FUTURE YOU COULD BUILD A STABLE ECONOMY AROUND.

If you are INTERESTED in these Ideas You Can Tell Clinton, McCain and Kucinich You are For
Both By Rachel Hamill, And
3) Their PRESIDENTIAL and GOVERNMENT ADMINISTRATION Which Can Make This All          Happen.

Former President Bill Clinton Clinton Foundation, 1633 Broadway, 5th Floor, New York, NY 10019

Senator John McCain Washington Office, 218 Senate Office Building, Washington, DC 20510

Former U.S. Representative and Ohio Governor Candidate, Dennis Kucinich P.O. Box 110222, Cleveland, OH 44111

Former President Bill Clinton, Clinton Foundation

Senator John McCain, Email Me

Former U.S. Representative and Ohio Governor Candidate, Dennis Kucinich

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