Questions – Have, Has, Had, Have, Will Have

Why have we nothing we wanted? Why are the rules unobtainable? Who wrote them? Did they want Oligarchy? Did they want 2 classes of people? 1) Those that have and 2) Those that don’t. What do the Haves have? They have the Power to Control things related to their interests. How and Why did they get that power? Some of their interests and goals are great – Great for Greatness. Some of their interests and goals are not lofty or popular – the End of Everything. How and Why did they get a Following from Free and Owned Life? What keeps that Machine running and Why would a Full-Range Life and Death support that agenda? It means more Death than Life by an exorbitant proportion.

Conversely, What Do or Don’t the Have-nots have? They don’t have the upper hand, as if they lost it in a war and forgot that superiority is itself and takes its own space. They need to think Big like a Unified Solidarity and SteamRoll their interests into Permanence. They Each have to look at and listen to Everything to know what needs done. They need to Work at and Believe in the Impossible because that is how Impossible Things are Solved and Reconciled. It is a feat of perception and intense work to Learn.

He has Everything. She Has everything. HAS is theirs. It is Not Mine. It is Not Yours. It is Not Anyone Else’s.

Had – We all had something we wanted and kept. We all had something we wanted and lost, but kept always anyway. I had. You had. She had. He had. We had. They had.

What have you? What have you done today? What are you doing? What have I done? What have I been doing all this time? And in the last few minutes? Where have you gone? When will you be back? Where am I going? When Will it be over? When Will it continue the way we planned? Why is it stalled? Why is it not going the right direction? What is the right direction? Have we discussed the Direction, the directions, the logistics, the necessities necessary to Create Action, Not Ruin It, and Travel Forward and Up to a Complete Destination and Destiny?

What Will we Have? Nothing or Everything, or something in between. When? When Will we have what we Want? When we get it, do it, or think so. When Will we Want what we Have? Now, if that is possible at all. When will the Past meet the Present and the Present meet the Future? What does the Future meet? More Future. Some Present. Not much Past – just the remembered and lauded Past. Once you go the speed of light, do you go back? You go to where the jump is to the Future, and the rest and Rest is in the Present. That is all you need. What else? Why? Do you need what you don’t like, don’t need, never needed – your family never needed, didn’t like, still doesn’t like, and left behind? Why? If you have everything you need, will ever need, ever wanted, will ever want, What and why do you need the drag, the hate, the immovable ignorance, the denigration, the lies, the death, the sorrow, and the subterfuge for? Leave it behind. Let them support themselves to their own destiny.

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