Questions About Change

When does it all start? When does this part end? Who wrote this thing? What were they thinking? Do they know there is anyone else? Did they check? Or did they just project a part of themselves and see themselves on EvErything, as Everything controlling everything? It, She, He, They are not everything. Everything is different. Everything thinks different, acts different. Everything is different.

Why are we not advocating > For the things we know are true? > To be the power we admire and fear? > To make the rights, laws and social standards we have to follow everyday?
1) Be All You Can Be
2) Neither a Borrower Nor a Lender Be
3) Love Your Neighbor as Yourself
4) For Thine is the Kingdom and Glory For Ever and Ever
These are all sayings we have heard and admire. Do we live what we love and promote? Do we create the fabric, Weave, Peace, and Dynamic we are seeking? Or do we expect someone else to do it?

Many don’t know the beauty of creating and living with your own creation. Why do you create? Are your creations at Home with others? Do you undermine your creations and contacts > by changing your mind? > Or by changing your Reality? > Or by changing your Life Alliances?
Have your Creations been in Existence forever? Strong and Durable? Do you Back them, or set them to Learn by themselves? Do you Teach them? Or do you Learn from or with them? Do you create all New things? Or do you preserve the Old things?

Do you like where you got to? Do you like where the old people got to? Do you like where the young people got to? What could you, or we, do different? What could or should you, or we, do different? What could or should you, or we, maintain and preserve? We have choices. You have choices. Do you know or assess your choices? Do you update them and work on needed and necessary changes?

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