Questions of Malcontent, Blame & Discord

What if I was unhappy? What made unhappy? Could you pay for that? Could you fix it? Better yet, could I fix it (?) and I wouldn’t need you at all. Some, I need you some. What if I was happy? Would you be happy so we could share? But if I was unhappy, and you were unhappy, and all things were unhappy, who did it? The one who is happy, because he is different. He/she is happy about something else.! Can you be truly happy when All are unhappy? How? Why? Who is always happy when All are unhappy?

> If I am unhappy, will you take the – (responsibility-no, heat-no, my anger-no) anger that I have for that? It has to go somewhere. You were here and I like you enough to hate you some. What do you think?
> NO, you are a Lazy, Lying, Cheat! Do you catch you? Do you own your next Evolution? Does someone else know the way you act, the way you roll, the way you floor, the way you walk, the air you build, the fire you build and the water you keep? Do you have admirers or copy artists? Is there a city based on your city? Does it say it was first? If you know the beginning of time, does it set its clock to the time before you wake and after you’ve retired? Is everyone your friend really? Are your enemies accounted for, and taken care of so that they are not enemies?

Do you resonate with you? Do you resonate with All things? Do you like you enough to be great and… Do you greet the universe with gifts and challenges it can handle? Or do you smack it in the head until it smacks you back? Do you believe you create your own mark, way, identity, definitions? Do you believe in the interweaving of all things? Do you know how to find and how to create harmony? Do you know why things were and why things are? Do you know why to fix and change them? Do you know what is wrong? Do you know what is right? Do you know the difference? Do you know how to appreciate differences and similarities? Do you appreciate qualities, quantities and objects? Do you acknowledge and appreciate the Past, most Forevers, and Today?

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