Questions – Get it Right

What, Why, How
What to Get Right? What to Get Wrong? (A: What is not important, but it might be important some day.) Why to Get it Right? (A: End justifies the Means – it will be done, complete.) Why not to Get it Right? (A: You feel like it; you don’t care; the result doesn’t matter at all.) How to Get it Right? (A: Want to, Work to Apply & Discipline to Get it Right.) How to Get it Wrong? (A: Muck up the right system and have someone do it that goes the wrong way.)

Am, Is, Are
Am I perfection? Am I evil? Am I great? Am I awful? Is everything fine? Is everything wrong? Is this forever? Is this dying? Do I agree with you? (A: some) Do you agree with I? (A: some) Are we to proceed, oceed, progress, ogress, meet our goals, fulfill our destiny Together or Separately? Am I defended? Are you dangerous? Do I know what I need to know? Do you not know what I need you to not know? Do you not know what you should not know? Do I know all that I should know? Don’t ask. Do I know the people and situations I should know? Do I know Technology, Methods and Means to Ends?

Do, Did, Didn’t Don’t
Do The Right Thing is a popular saying and film title. Quandry means topic that created thinking and caring confusion and requires further time to answer. Do you want to do the Right Thing? What do you want to do? Why? How? Do you want to do the Wrong Thing? What do you want to do? Why? How? Did and do you love, appreciate, acknowledge the situations and people that created you? Do you send them positive for the positive they sent you? Did and Do you hate, set aside, reject personally and socially the people and situations that created hate and extreme adversity in your Life? Do you or don’t you keep up with the people and situations that affect your Life and death?

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