Questions And Ponderings

What if I were different? What would I do? What would I say? Where would I go to? How would I get there? Who would be my friends and companions? What mode of transportation would we coordinate? How fast would it go? How would we spend our time? What would we value? What would we save to reminisce about?

What if you were different? What would you look like? What would you think? What would you go to do? What would be your priorities? Who would you date and why? Who would you fall in love with? Would you contact me as a friend or foe, and why? Would you ask me to stay or go? Would I move on or stay?

What if Life were different? What if the jokes had been told on different topics? What if we had just talked about the things that weren’t working – Then, instead of Now? What if Love did find its own Way? What if we had trusted before we warred? What if we changed our behavior because someone wanted us to? What if we looked for Acceptance and Boundaries instead of waiting for Acceptance and Boundaries to look for us? What if we had had the forethought to pick the Life that goes Life’s direction, and not the Life that went against Life towards 2 extensive deaths? What if Life could say? What if the masquerade of death could not?


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