Focus on Life's Nature and Entitlement

Many people think they get to hit others for the interruption of their time, and to blame someone, or anyone for their contrived anger. By the Declaration of Independence of the United States of America, “…all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” (Reference: United_States_Declaration_of_Independence) There is no entitlement to harm another. The exact opposite is expected — protect your own space, and do not invade the space of others. Any complaint of such, could cause a legal hold-up of at least questioning, if not being lead away or arrested. This is at the national legal level.

At the Life level, Life is a group process, more than an individual one. Look at it Life’s way… All Nature is Life. Life and Death compose almost all Nature. Nature should not bow much, or it is giving way to death threats.

At the Life, Death, Nature Level, Darwinian Theory wins from all sides. The survival of the fittest does survive, whichever that is. The survival of the most violent over the weak or unaware >>> leads to the anger and predominance of the masses in an educated and coordinated network called Democracy. Representational government is later set up to allow people to do what they want to do, and maintain work schedules, while someone elected carries their vote. Those leaders are designated officials. A Democracy/Republic creates laws by majority vote, and maintains them by employed legal enforcement, and a dedicated legal system that is legal.

Notice and observe that power is hard-won. Even if it is given to someone, it was set aside and guarded to be safe. Any powerful group or individual put extensive time into cultivating their/his-her power. Even natural power has in it the work skills to maintain predominance, protection, vigilance and stature on a large scale.

At the Evolutionary Level, Life and Nature might feel the need to apologize to an aggressive personality, but where would Life and Nature go to? Conceptualize: <"I apologize for the inconvenience you have. I'll go. I'll grow elsewhere - barren here, oasis over there, way over there." And Nature will just pick everything up and go - Away.> Or maybe we should teach that Life Nature is predominant, varied and pervasive, as is commonly held. Life Nature is not a Sex Symbol, nor a Patron. It is in everything and everyone as the exploration of the way it is, the way it was, the way it could and will be.

One version of Life, Death, Nature is the presiding love that shakes all things to their core, and at another time challenges them to stretch to the furthest reaches of space and cultural time. Nature finds humility one minute, but will run into more Life, Death, Nature and ‘know what it is for.’

Life, Death, Nature will weave a family and a society. The family and society will weave a universe. And Life, Death, Nature will weave more from the universe to individuate one or many to try on the clothes of Living. The pageant is sometimes breathtaking, many times humorous and different, but always Life, Death, Nature exploring what is possible. It has to remember to show up true and participate, or it will loose Focus, its Clear Reality and the Opportunities to make a difference. Remember the pageant has to have a predominant Life Focus, and not a Death one. Because the Focus is in exploring, expanding, researching about Life/Death/Nature, and survival. Weaving towards Death means weaving Life and Nature towards Extinction, equating to no survival.

Keep a great rapport with Life’s Nature and requirements. Know Death’s Nature some, but do not make that a predominant goal, or you will walk around more proactively dead and as death in the proactive. Be Life. If you are thinking, planning, walking around – that is your predominant characteristic, and Life’s characteristic as you.


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