Evolutionary Details of The 3 Little Pigs

Most of you know the story of The 3 Little Pigs — the story of naivite, initiative and preparedness. There are other Levels to this story that tell How and Why our society fails and triumphs. If we learn to deal with everything with preparedness, we will almost never fail, and we will reach greatness with intensity.

The First Pig Built his house of leaves and straw. It was in tune with Nature. Negative Nature as the Wolf set fire to the house one twig at time when the pig was gone for the day. The house died dead. The First Pig had no recourse and felt helpless.
The house was structurally sound, but the pig was naive. He wasn’t used to fighting a devil. This wasn’t his priority, so the house was not strong enough to hold against damage, or to fight flat against evil problems.

The second pig having the experience that the Fist Pig had, hereditarily, upgraded his approach to a better and stronger set of materials. The Second Pig built his house of sticks. This house was destroyed by nature and negative nature.
It would appear that since this house was built stronger than the first, that only a flood would wash it away. But the pigs of that time were self-centered. They did not acknowledge the trees — the resources of the sticks. They made fun of them and pissed on them. Separately, They were also not grateful to their Creators and Gods, and turned them over to evil doers. Consequently & respectively, the materials were not strong in their commitment and support. The Creators and Gods abandoned support of the Second Pig Society. The Second Pig was done in by evil nature — his own and evil nature outer.

This was an independent pig with full knowledge of the greatness of Life, Death, and evil. This pig was a Constructionist– experienced Architect and Builder. It built its house of brick. This was the house that could and would withstand most natural forces. Evil hated it and left it alone.
This pig was not a pig by now; it was a thoughtful perfectionist worker. It honored Nature and the suppliers of its building materials. It was raised by an upstanding family that cared about its stature in public and history. It raised its own family and kept it both safe, and in danger, and current with the times. This pig never failed Except in the most important of circumstances, and was prepared to live greatly for most of its Life.

There was a fourth pig not known because he lived independent of all else. In Time he was after the Second Pig, but since he was not known, his information was discovered and reported fourth. The Fourth Pig made his house of wood. He consulted the Forest, and the Materials for unity in building. And He had the building birthed by the Gods. The house was happy and unified. But, He couldn’t live in it because it was privately-owned by the God-Child. The house could and would survive all Elements and Attacks, because it would.
The fourth person was perfect at a process that would be ecological and Life-affirming, but he had to postpone the shelter he was seeking. He learned to Hold himself away from the elements for safety. He built more Future Buildings Homes and then Autonomous Businesses. He learned to Reside at his Business.

Many houses had been built by the Fourth Pig, and we’re owned by the child born in them. But there were tons of houses that only looked half-lived in. But they had attracted an admiring crowd of midget homemakers, that wanted to live in them. The House-Children said, “No. Build your own house.” They thought, ‘OK.’ They applied to be trees with the Third Pig, grew the 8 mighty trees that would be chopped to build wood frame houses. It was painful and laborious, but Effective and Complete. Each of 8 built a 5-room House or Building.
The 18 Homemakers were both adaptable and disciplined to get their Goal. They had the House they planned for, and they had it forever as them. They Regrew their midgets when they could. They had everything they sought after. They each married after many years. Each was a well-


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