Focus On Dichotomy

We all have the Diversity, Variety, Differences, Offset Experiences, and the Escape we need to live healthy Dichotomies. Dichotomy is the corresponding, and contrasting variables and situations we need to Live vibrantly. A Diverse Dichotomy might include: Peaceful activities such as Assembly or Meditation; Active Exercise, Volunteerism, Company or City Ownership, Relationships, Creative Endeavors, Research Projects, Role Transformation, Management and Power Training, and enough Wisdom to Be a Master of Destiny. A Dichotomy can be a difference lived, or it can be a New thing or Direction that has Life Potential. People seek out New News, New Life, New Social Trends, and New Communication to live a healthy dichotomy. NEW means there is a place for something different, separately it means Autonomy, a Direction to the Future, and Propagation.

Diversity is the implementation and choice of Life Variables that create the multi-faceted and multi-cultural nature of society. These are the Natural and Planned personalities that History and Creators sculpted. Each offspring and design is a tribute to its resource and the future possibilities it can live and create.

Variety tells us everything will be different but recognizable. Alien tells us to be afraid – we won’t have enough recognition to be safe. Various are different choices based on a theme. Alliance says we created our own, or we beat the aliens to a bloody pulp, and now we are friends various.

Differences are naturally occurring or created in each new Life. Life Experiences are the key to the nature of the person, while aspirations and goals define the path and culture that the life will be attracted to and attract on its journey. In the largest Life schema, differences are the research of Life Variables and their results. Life keeps its own notes for those that participate.

Offset Experiences are the ‘je ne ce quoi’ of experiences that someone Very Different set up. They make our life fun or fearsome. On the positive side that could be movies, a date with an other, an educational novel, or foreign travel. On the negative side experiences might include dream interference, damning, cannibalism or deprivation of resources and options.

Escape is sometimes the Result of great planning and action. Sometimes escape is a personal diversion to shift moods, situations and reset clarity of the known and unknown. Escape is the Realm of Heroes getting out of entrapment. It is also the indulgence of adults or children into habits that must be kept in Balance to Survive and Be Healthy. Escape or escapism is also the want, interest, and desire for another Reality, or updated changes to the existing Reality.


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