Focus On Health, Part 2

Health is found or re-found by fixing or minimizing the problems you already have, and by building an effective approach to fixing new problems. Health is maintained by keeping an effective Life approach to Life and Death issues.

Put your focus and efforts on what you are working to get to, and the functional /constructive things that will produce that result. Leave behind the curses, the Against criticism, and the umpteen darts of doubt and disempowerment. If you stay positive you will know and see the positive. Your life is then spent and renewed on a life-affirming thing. If you spend your life Reactively, you will always be controlled by lesser standing agendas. Those lesser agendas work to put down larger agendas by amassing power permissions, doubt, despair, and by hiding the truth. Control yourself and your options and that will be your actual result. HEALTH is in self-determinism and gaining expertise.

Completions generally mean a person can set goals and accomplish them with ease and great results. People that meet completions goals can multi-task and differentiate co-creating situations and answers. A person who seeks positive Completions knows: 1) How and Why to do things; 2) What is important; 3) How and Why to prioritize to a result that is positive for self and others; 4) Where and When to implement a complete Process. HEALTH is in the accumulation of knowledge of how to consistently get effective results.

Contention inner and outer are generally indicators of where change is needed. Inner turmoil is generally a sign of things not dealt with – physical, mental, soul, Life and Death. You Want to Solve this contention or it can get out of control. Ask yourself questions and take time to answer them diligently: •What is this About? •What am I angry or stressed about? •What changes are needed to cause a better result? •Can I implement those changes? •How soon? •What schedule of change and maintenance can I make a dedicated commitment to? HEALTH is in Rebalancing and adapting in response to challenge or conflict.

Outer contention is most often a group project. Those problems are solved by gathering the affected community to advocate as individuals and as a group for positive change. As an individual, start to meet the others involved to collaborate a result that unlocks the problem and solves it completely. The things that need to get covered are: that the truth is known and discussed; that criminal behavior is incapacitated; that criminals, victims and situations are solved and acknowledged legally and publically. The result will be that the criminal behavior, its motivation, and physical components can never happen again. HEALTH is in the fight for “Life Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness” for self and all. HEALTH is also in right and effective self-determinism.

Contention is sometimes subtle – one to one: ‘You are in my space and not in yours.’ These are sometimes wars of will, psyche, willingness, or different generations. Sometimes it is a war between the subjective right and wrong and the objective right and wrong. Laws represent the objective rules of the time. If a behavior is considered arrestable, then it needs to be changed. All need to observe the cause and effect of their behavior and responses to adjust for better law-abiding results. HEALTH is in the self-aware pro-active planning and responsibility.

Health means continuity. Continuity means Right Life and Death Balances, and more maintenance on what is Healthy. Make sure your focus is on Life and not Death, because you will go where you put your attention. This is accurate whether you focus on the Life or Death of you, Or if you focus on the Life and Death of others. Focusing on the Life of you (ie: health, prosperity and self-defense) is the priority with the most Balance and Peaceful results for all. Focusing on your own Death is something you need to address once in a while with regards to death of people you know, and making personal plans to prevent death, or accommodate your own partial death and reincarnation. Otherwise too much focus on personal Death is out of Balance with your Will and Willingness to Be.

Separately, Focusing on the Lives of other people may show a serious interest in partnership, a love of story or drama in life, or an unbalanced interest in controlling other people’s interests and options. It can not be overstated — All of us that experience this on the receiving end HAVE TO SELF-DEFEND ourselves in Psyche, Mind, Body, Soul, and Awareness to not be attacked, killed, partially destroyed, or controlled by other people. Those who focus on the death of others have the worst priorities, and are the most locked as groups or as people. One would think that they would be in jail, but they have a network to avoid consequences of most kinds.

In summation, Life Continuity is almost always represented with an Idea equal to itself (ie: Truth, Patience, Stamina, Creative Expression, Excellence, Expertise, Growing Other Life), so that Life not only has itself, but it has something to do or attain. This gives Life Purpose, Motivation, and a Focus to Grow. With a great Idea, Life can attract sponsorship or learn to be prolific enough to sponsor its own continuity. HEALTH is in Life learning and dealing with Life, and Death as a part of Life. Otherwise Life will not be set up to continue. To say that ‘Life is a part of Death’ is a misguided lie, because someone has to be alive to think or say it. Therefore Death is a part of Life.

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