Focus On Health, Part 1

Health means vibrancy, stamina, awake, discipline, and adaptability. Health is a constantly growing benchmark that grows with your Life and lifestyle.

Health entails the dedication to check on it. Those of you that have house pets know you have to check to see if they have been fed, walked, pet and talked to. Health needs to be checked directly as other aspects of self that need exercise, talk, attention, and company. Health also needs to be checked directly and indirectly as collaborating people that have different agendas and necessities. They need to be asked or consulted on what would be healthy between you — more focus, time, exercise for — you, them, or both. HEALTH is maintaining the discipline to check for it.

Health has a ‘law of attraction and repulsion’: Your friends are your friends; Your enemies are your enemies. As long as you don’t put extra drama into it, you can gage who or what you need to spend more time with by the benefit. And you can gage who or what you need to avoid by the lack or deficit they cause in your life. Avoidance systems for the right purpose are great, and resettle the situation to another level of non-involvement and not known. This creates freedom and ownership of self, thinking, and soul time. HEALTH is in embracing the positive and leaving the negative.

Health is a process to see that all systems that need to work together are. And all systems that should run separate are separate. For example, circulation entails a healthy flow of blood — leg, heart/arm, and more that operate together as muscle building strength. They work separate for different functions – legs, arms, power, etc. HEALTH is diverse vitality.

Breaking the speed of work monotony means leaving space for unstructured time, new experiences, and following someone else’s lead to find a better Balance. Consequently, natural process balances that are getting ignored and postponed due to laziness, need to take precedence to be addressed. Large priorities switch based on the Health, Life and Social Liabilities being created. What was once the priority – to create something intense and fun – is now not a priority because the bin is full. The priority is now with the workforce that needs rest because that bin is in deficit. The answer to addressing this regularly is to set up a process of checking on the status of all parties involved, and changing priorities to accommodate the needs of all, each in their turn.

Breaking the doldrums of unstructured monotony takes sunlight, finding and building initiative and just acting and working on behalf of yourself. The saying that NIKE Shoes uses is ‘Just Do It!’ Following a Work Method (the correct sequence of work to complete a job or process, and consistently evaluating and upgrading work methods is a constructive requirement to both kinds of monotony. It has a fair process to follow. Also, it has management, oversight, evaluation, and legal requirements which protect the safety of employees, and bind management into decent behavior. HEALTH is in the right balance inner and outer, and in social fairness.

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