Focus on Solidarity and Discord

Benefits of Solidarity, or working Together
● All or most involved agree.
● Solidarity has the weight to make sweeping changes in yourself or in society with specific agreement.
● There is no backlash or hate crime to the agreement. All agreed, so all are happy – or moderately happy – to the result.
● Solidarity agreements that work can be referenced and used for any future action on related issues.

Benefits of Discord, or notifying of Conflict.
● Notification of difference of thought, opinion, or Life and Death premise
● It lets others know how to deal with your type of personality.
● People around you notice and either work to change your behavior or abandon their investment with you based on their interests.

Solidarity – When, Why, Where
● Politics – the ‘art of the deal’, to build coalitions, to make friends, to get something important done.
● Personal + Public Life – to minimize chaos, maintain benevolent standing with all things, to be truthful and wise.
● Health – To be healthy and vibrant from the inside out.

Discord – When, Why, Where
● Action – when you don’t resonate with a group or topic, take pro-active action and leave.
● Innovation – Use discord to introduce a new innovative approach that is different.
● Break – Break the space or intensity of a moment with something strange.

Solidarity – Who and How
● Tell your family your ideas, and rally interest and support for them.
● Get together friends and create sports teams.
● Educate yourself about the Vote. Join and send in your voter registration.

Discord – How and Why
● Find a note that breaks the monotony, and makes others pay attention.
● Find the difference between the people, objects and the environment.
● Ping your environment to find out what is there and what is missing.


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