Life’s Story: Potem and Life and Death

Potem said, “We weren’t smart, we wanted to move and communicate. We wanted to hug and sit like simple yogi’s.”

“We didn’t know how to do things. We had enthusiasm for action, new things, and new Life and Death things. We didn’t want to hurt anything but we didn’t want to keep it. Because the clean slate we started with was ideal. We would make everything lay it down one every long 2-day day to live back with the clean slate for 5 hours.”

Moderator: “What was Life and Death’s reaction to that kind of living?”

Potem: “We got them back the next day, and they were unhappy by half. The Living things were upset and the Dead things were renewed, so we thought if you just killed things it would be better. We were wrong! The living things rebelled and made their own death so that they could get back to Life by themselves. I said Okay. Then I said Ok to fit.”

“My friend told the Dead they could try to take over the Life. They tried merging, takeovers and cannibal attacks. My friend thought the cannibal attacks were funny. I thought it was all awful and said No. My No didn’t go as far as I wanted it to. For the Dead – half said oK, and half they shrugged. I could define the Life people most.”

Moderator: “You need to know that anger and command provide that definitive power.”

“Ok,” Potem said.

“The Life and the Death that was constructive built a bridge and learned how to work together to Live and Die. The Dead bugged the Living to live with them. The Living tried to go through the Dead, but they had to get back to themselves to Live. The Living had 2 parts. The Dead had 1 part.”

Potem said, “Life with my Friend was a never-ending turmoil. He followed my every action to add a second action. Some predominated. Some didn’t. I hated him. I cut off his obnoxious asshole and reincarnated it Second. It didn’t help. He was less powerful, but more active. I killed them both and got peace. The Life and Death had more quiet space to Grow up.“

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