Life’s Story (=): Life and Death Journey

It said, “Born where I am from Elitist upbringing… You are from stature and effort.”
The other said, “Somewhere not known – somewhere the mystery is kept safe of what you said, what you thought; Somewhere it did not matter because it was not your somewhere. It did not hear the ripple of your word because your word is not deep.”

Life and Death’s words were the preoccupation. Life and Death the employer. Life and Death has always been – is – and will always be the motivation and funder. Love is yet to find because probably we have to create another Life and Death Race Different.

Love is a multi-splendored thing. Each Life and Death knows something of it. But then there are those that don’t. They went to find love, but a contagion of interference took it away, as if it owned it.

Theirs, Mine, Hers, Its, Hers to do – to interfere with the happiness of others. She had the space of autonomy, more space, and intensity of Life. Her owner did not know yet, did not make the Friend soon enough to avoid the enemy. (Take Note: Make Friends before the enemy shows.) She made a pattern in most things. She wanted to find All the wonderous things with the Force of Everything negative and force their care and Mobility. She remained unchecked and growing. Then checked by family; to society directly unknown. She continued to be indirectly and fatally dangerous, with few witnesses.

Society Finally gathered momentum to fix and check All things Current and Past to gage their import and sort unknown phenomenon. Some learned teamwork; some learned transcendent power; some learned to Lead and Follow. Some learned to Research and Explain. Many learned to wait, and they did not know why. They had patience; they needed initiative and push. Her interests and mechanisms still interfered.

Finally all What coordinated with Life to evaluate All things. They had practiced. Death was distorted. Death’s children and Legacy advised, but they were power blind, but tracked with masculine and feminine instincts Both each. Power was coordinated; many knew and understood to leave space for each other. Each group was a pageant to both question and admire. All things asked over many years, and took their instructions to correct historic flaws each day. Her Against interfered with happiness on occasion, when they lined it up for her, but not much. Finally, she was due to be reviewed because evidence mounted that she was the only problem, and the origin of most problems. With all looking her direction, she could fall to a rebirth of her sections; her constitution was not permanent and could be broken.

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