Find Your Work

Personal Projects
• Evaluate what personal and social skills you are lacking, and would be beneficial for you to work on both individually and socially. Work them.
• Contemplate what activities put you and your agendas in Balance. Pursue them organically or by a weekly or daily schedule – whichever is constructive to you.
• Inherited skills sometimes hold answers for the current generation. Gather your gifts and gift the universe by pursuing your interests.

• Take time to be considerate, and consider the ‘Next Step’ in your Work Skill Progress. Research what jobs use those skills, and how those skills can create a new careers in the job market.
• Equate your physical work environment and colleague environment when selecting a career. Physical environment affects demeanor, supply, and surplus. Colleague environment affects anticipation, courage, trial and error.
• Check to see what jobs match your qualifications, and what qualifications you went to add to your job.
• Be aware of what industries you circulate around, and what industries contact you. They could be a resource for employment.

• Enter into a Business that is both comfortable and challenging.
• Embark on the kind of Business you want to start.
• Be and plan within your means — and stay true to your resources and alliances when making decisions.
• Get into industries that are requesting Leaders, or that need investment of time and resources.

Kind of Life — Lifestyle
• Work at what you would want to do Forever, irreguardless of pay or specific workplace. Get your industry started – use what there is and then invent your way of it.
• What fictional or factual life have you always followed? Why? How? What of that would be relevant or translatable to your own Business?
• What kind of Life would you like to invest in?
• Set a goal or Goal and meet it or far exceed it.

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