Find, Make, Spend, Save Time and Timelessness

Make Time
Internally delineate. Be conscious of what you need and want to do. Translate that as a normal part of your priorities. Check to see if it is 1) Legal, 2) Humane, 3) Moral, 4) Ethical, 5) Fine. If yes, you are right to continue. Do what you want to do, or that which is in range of what you want to do. Assess to see if cause, effect and result are 1) Legal, 2) Humane, 3) Moral, 4) Ethical, 5) Fine. If yes, continue with what you want to do.

Find Time
Stop, Think, Wait, Breathe. Do something different on your own initiative. In part discipline yourself. In part live at a rich life standard. In part notice what the standards for Life and Death are. Figure out why and how you can make a Positive difference in Life and Death. Start your own initiatives. Join groups that are constructive and have commitment. Keep a schedule that includes your initiatives, your group activities, time for other things, time for patience and freedom.

Spend Time
Like cash, spend time on the invaluable things:
• Visit with Family
• Take vacations to well-known and not well-known locations
• Refine your habits, personality and body
• Learn new things and keep up current skills
• Be happy, buoyant, and sociable
• Invest yourself in a career, dynasty, town, project, or journey
Finally spend time on your dichotomies: Peace & action, Ethos & ethics, Reality & reality checks.

Save Time
Save time to be adaptable, frugal, economical and punctual. Be aware of your own initiatives in conjunction with others. Be cognizant of other’s time, space, history. Be efficient, timely, and managerial to be caught up, perfect and profitable. Be effective and efficient with your family’s time — teach them how to thrive, multi-task and appreciate culture.

Spend time just being outside of time demands, fast living and attending everything. Find the infinite inspiration that you resonate with. Escape. Seek quiet time to clean membranes. Seek patterns that inform you. Seek beauty that says Life is worthwhile. Seek the company of friends and family to check in. Take time to laugh, to find excitement, resolve and peace. Solve the Meaning of Life from your perspective. Live your Life with Meaning, Initiative and Joy.


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