Find Your Expression

Say What You Mean
Many of us get so caught up being amenable or watching what is going on, we forget to participate and pitch in our opinions. At other times we are waylaid by the repeated oppression by a person or situation we can’t find an answer to. At those times we need to leave, build our aggression and find our natural thoughts and inclinations. We need to find what we thought and felt about the person or situation, so that next time we speak up, real time. >Get or make a habit of checking in with your thoughts, feelings, creation and common sense until they are naturally part of your personality real time. Then your mental resources are available to speak about or act on.

Live a Little
>Do something fantastic that you have never done. Set aside laziness, habit, and inflated self-esteem to live and enjoy a different life or scenario. We have to have and live fantasy some. There are options for practical stretches to our personality and soul that we should explore. We could keep a Practice of Acting, Being a Musician, or Writing Memoirs, Stories or Biographies. >Adopt a Practice that you can grow with to be an expert or performer.

>Adopt yourself as a project to add skills to, or to experience new people or things. We have to take time to dress ourselves up, get out, and socialize so that we look presentable, can navigate, and converse naturally. We need to find those young, unfulfilled parts of ourselves and lead them to their destiny with our own greater destiny, amidst Life’s Largest Destiny. When all reach optimal alignment by strategy, then the highest attainment of Self-Development is possible.

Appreciate Talents & Gain Value
>Appreciate the talents of others, and gain skills, the knowledge of beauty, difference and detail. We need to both Give and Receive to enjoy each other’s talents. >Include Both in your life and you will be a part of the largest party and support group forever. In its detail, you will create or find those things which resonate with you and others of quality. >Sew quilts with friends. Design art for the public. Build houses to sell to interesting aspiring owners. Settle in a town or community with which you can co-create a business and/or personal lifestyle.

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