Find The Living Peace

Most of us don’t think we have the time to be at peace. But what we don’t realize is the destruction of time we spend not dealing with ourselves and our problems. An unresolved problem can rot you to your core, put you in mortal danger, and make all your other progress worth nothing. Eat your Peas! Solve the problems that haunt you. Take the Incessant great advice from others to change. Be an innovator. Don’t miss opportunities of a Lifetime. Connect with others.

Personal Peace
Personal Peace is affected by and affects:
• Knowing yourself: learn your history, your family history, the universe’s history
• Resolving your problems: troubleshooting your situations, making useful people connections, setting boundaries and limits when necessary
• Being true to your nature: making sure your nature is in tune with what is right and the right nature of all things
• Being true to your origin and society: if you were put here for a purpose, fulfill that purpose. It will mean your fulfillment.
• Know All Right from Wrong: Study ethics, morality, force and effect, Life and Death, Balance and Imbalance, Health and Wholeness, Power and Staging, Social Acceptance and Law.
• Be a Leader when appropriately Right; be a Follower when appropriately Right.
• Get the right Teachers. Be a Teacher if that makes sense.
• Spend time getting to know what you as a Gifted Being have to offer the Universe. Offer it in fair exchange for the gifts you’ve gotten.
• Be your portion of The Ideal; let the Ideal be itself.
• Learn objectivity so you know it; learn your subjectivity so you know it.

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