Find Yourself

Finding Yourself would seem simple because you are there, and you are you. You’re Found. But remember that social entanglements and directions you pursue may distract you from:
1) Checking your overall interests and solving inner mutinies;
2) Spending basic time to Be and Center;
3) Trying new things;
4) Revisiting projects that would mean fulfillment or fulfillment continuity.

You may have messages from others. You might have inner conflicts that just walked away on their own. There might be partial disappointment or despondency over choices that were left behind for choices that were made. Check-In to solve the mutinies and distractions that need to be solved. If you don’t get their nature, and you don’t get what to do with them, ask them. To them: “What do you want to do?” Ask the other people related: “What do all of you think should be done?” Then you will have enough ideas to have an objective opinion. You can figure out what assignments, directions and level of participation everyone should have. If you don’t check and decide, those directions will be made by others without sense or clarity. Do your work so others can’t.

Time to Be and Center
This is Personal time, so it is difficult to give instructions because it is what you want to make of it.
Exercise: •To feel your natural feel; •To stretch your muscles and mind; •To let go of dis—Ease and Deference; •To claim what is yours and send away what is not.
Clean Your Senses: •With Quiet and natural noise; •With positive familiar things; •Or New things; •See into the Infinite; •Make sure the Infinite is there; •Spend time with the focus you need or choose; •Spend your preference on beauty and beautiful things; •Know what is out there; •Invest in beautiful things you can live with for a very long time; •They will keep their value and you will be happy to travel with them; •Touch things and people to know and love them; •Get to know their content, texture and feel; •Get to know the people that send you and why; •Know about the people that don’t send you and why.
Practice Balance: •Look to create physical balance representations with the bodily; •Practice inner mental Balance; •Don’t be afraid of crying; •Don’t be afraid of emotional, thinking or power extremes that tell what the balance should be or what is blocking it; •Take time to Run it.

Trying New Things
Save a place for new things – yours and others’. Don’t be overly competitive, or you will lose support and prestige. New means Healthy. New means Change. New means Life fulfilling its Destiny. New means Fertility, Kids, Youth, and New Ideas.

Revisiting Projects
Set aside Self Time and Project Time to grow your distinction and the definitions of your work. Remember to share with the admiring public your discoveries to keep society modern like you. Publish your work; speak about it, if applicable. Create an industry that presents your discovery as a working part of society, that society can advance from, an proceed to the Future Forever.

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