Find Patience And A Course of Action

Origin of Patience
There is a story about an old man who had an Idea “To Fix Things,” and he kept the idea because it was Powerful and Meaning-ful for that time of Existence. The Idea was kept flat without Life because Life and Life funding was desolate and corrupt, and just the idea was enough to make Life better. He decided to Wait a million years to put Life in the Idea “To Fix Things,” because Life funding would be better there-then. His Friends followed, and only questioned him when they had a Death threat. The old man died from that death threat with his friends. His wife, who had made other plans, made connections with Family and Society and put “To Fix Things” to Life in 4 incarnations. This pulled the old man’s Friends, and the old man back to Life. “To Fix Things” was a Forever Project for the People, by the People and the Family. It lead to Democracy and the Universal Vote.

The Moral of the Story is that:
1) There is a Right Time and Place for Everything.
2) If you are Attentive and Have Initiative, you can get it Exactly Right.
3) If you Stick to Your timing without Compromise, you will get Life half Right and half Wrong, and not know the difference.
4) A Great Idea will be Adopted, and Have a Life of Its Own.

Patience is an asset or deficit depending on the situation. Without it Life would be Obsessive Compulsive. With Patience Life is an Adapting Civilization. With too much Patience, Life is Non-Plussed, Lazy, Inadequate, or Dead. Patience is found in the: 1) Waiting; 2) Setting Benchmarks; 3) Dedication; 4) Consistent Work; 5) Tenacity to Not Let Go of Life; 6) Journey of Death to Life.

Course of Action
Course of Action is determined from the Options Life offers, or Self-Determinant Initiatives. These are the Choices of Action. The Choices Not Picked are either left behind as an Option, or kept with the First Choice to be revisited at a later time. A Course of Action has Results and Consequences which Create the True Cause and Effect. All Causes, Effects, Results and Consequences show the Value or Success of the Course of Action. Simply Put: If something Goes Great for its Inventor and Society, it is Very Great.

Course of Action is attributed to: 1) First Initiatives; 2) Created Initiatives; 3) Opportunities and Positive Opportunism; 4) No-Choice Situations, Emergencies, and Set-ups; 5) Realization of the Real Options; 6) Actions and Results.


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