Find The Quiet

In our hectic lives it is difficult to find the quiet. I have to learn to stop, go my own way as a separate individual, clear my senses and patterns of behavior. Following are some suggestions. There are many more.

Find Clear Thinking and the Infinite Sky
>Sit outside where you have a view of the sky and lake, or the sky and land. >Notice the gray-blue. >Notice how far you can see Infinity in the sky. >Sit straight or cross-legged and keep your Definiteness. >Sit Focused for 1 to 2 hours. >Walk away and keep happiness.

>Find a book you find interesting, or one that you have always wanted to read. >Set aside 2-3 hours. >Give yourself time to be comfortable and focus. >Read without networking or outside hassle and exchange. >Read what is being said. >If necessary, read between the lines and check what is meant. >Repeat when you have time until reading book is done.

Stop Interaction Chatter
>Tie out your recent things that were discussed and need to be filed. >Think-Classify-Reconcile-Solve. >Get back extended body aspects from socializing, and interaction. >Make sure all body systems are back on track: spines are vibrant, back is strong, connections are strong, committed, and working with you and each other. >Solve conflicts of purpose, endeavor, ethos, and diverse interest with a constructive reality check by keeping what goes together. >Let go of what and who needs to be self-determinant. >Stay friends. >Visit once in a while. >Plan your separate endeavors. Set a Schedule. Fulfill Plan. Be Fulfilled. >Gain muscle, agility, competence, expertise, momentum, drive and motivation.

>Put up your power chatter into a colored brick that says, ‘Not now, there will be power to address this later.’ >Walk a long walk, uninterrupted by chatter inside and outside. >Go to a museum, gallery or movie to be quietly amazed. >Keep that experience and file it. >Plan to challenge you to do something you want to do, have always wanted to do, but haven’t done. >Make and set up time. >Get Excited. >Get Committed. >Get Focused. >Set up the Destiny you really want to meet. >You will then have Adventure and Peace from the past, Now in the present, and to the Future.

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