Find Balance With All Things

In order to have or create an Eco-System – a constructive sustainable lifecycle – all or most Life must cooperate and self-determine constructively. On an individual level, each Life must check its own Inner Life group for compatibility, coherence, health and solidarity. Then each Life must check outer to see what options for living forward are. The goal is to keep growing, gain experience, meet other Life, plan individual and group activities, as well as plan responsibly against death threats. Living is the goal for Life. Death is most often a temporary status that with planning, friends and family, is a tag-team with other events and family plans. This is always to be taken seriously, or it could result in a permanent death.

Inner Balance
This is the Negotiation: 1) That this is a great collaborative living between all Life within; 2) That the Life threshold is compatible; 3) That goals, actions taken and rewards of Life are in sync for all involved; 4) That those with different rhythms, goals and reward systems leave to follow their actual interests
The result is Inner Harmony, and an outer positive attitude of ‘Live vibrantly and let others Live vibrantly. Vibrancy means Quality Life and a Quality Atmosphere – All just for an evolutionary attitude.

Outer Balance
Outer Balance between All is initially found by sensing what is usually required or accepted. Outer Balance is also found by bumping into and relating to others, and finding out what they think and do. This is on the inter-personal level. To find out what is allowed, you want to search, with great deference, for the Leaders of Existence, Civilization, Life and Living. These leaders have created the rules and the reasons for them. The Rules can be sensed and validated by Social Etiquette, Law, and the resulting repercussions. Outer Balance between All is the agreement to follow the rules that are just and fair. If the rules are not just and fair, or the rules are not consistently enforced or followed, Outer Balance In Action is the leadership of many to campaign for fair and consistent laws, leadership and enforcement. Outer Balance itself is the resulting peace and contentment in having those things settled. Rebalance to Balance.

Balance of Individual and Social Self
People have an individual self and a social self. They have to maintain a balance between both. They need to have time to be in tune with their inner truth, and their expression outer. They also need quality time with family, friends, Others and mates to learn socialization, collaboration and romance. People need time to just learn the Peace, Drive and Parameters of themselves. They also need commitments, natural phenomenon, and work to establish meaningful connections, natural knowing, quality and stamina. People need to continue expanding to grow; they need to rest and be still. They need to follow their own wisdom, the wisdom of existence and practicality, and the wisdom of potential.


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