Thinking + Communication: In Society

If all of the world is a stage, how many productions do you want to produce and attend? And as an individual how many involvements do you want? What is feasible? What and why do you direct? What do you take direction for and why? As an individual or as a collaborative person, what do you need to experience be competitive? keep up? get ahead? As an individual and as a collaborative, what will be your legacy? What do you want it to be? What do you want to add to Life’s overall options?

Vantage Point
Where can you learn what you want to? When and where is your life rewarding? Why? Do you want to travel the road traveled by most, the road less traveled, or build your own pathway? Where and when is the angle from which you proceed to meet your destiny? Can you sponsor people to help others socially, and to keep your way viable forever? Do you have a role model? Who is it? If you don’t have or want a role model, what kind of present and future frontiers would you like to pursue?

Give Back
Society asks that you keep its rules so that you are convenient to be around, and your affect and effect on society is low-maintenance. Only stretch their rules when it is Right or interesting for everyone. Of course you pay for your results no matter, so choose wisely. What rules or rulers do you want to follow? Why? Who and what do you want to avoid or get rid of? Why? Are you right or not? Do you recognize and allow for the rights of all people to have their ventures? Society wants you to fit in, influence, leave, invite, follow etiquette, keep the rules – No Killing, No Stealing, No Meaningless Violence, No Demeanment, No Evil – for it to enjoy Living. Society does not want to sponsor its own demise, unless it directly commissioned for its own reincarnation. Sustainability in variety is its plan. So, plan to teach Life what you know, and Life will teach you what it knows. Give back enough to be connected. Grow a section of funding for you, your family and your ventures. Co-sponsor with someone Great.

Live the Experience
Some people sponsor others to have experiences, they find interesting. That kind of experience is looked up afterward and assessed in a detached manner. The learning is second hand. Be sure to get directly involved in your experiences. Learn adaptability and versatility in dealing with people, and coping with life and death situations. It will make you a stronger and deeper person. Stretch yourself to learn and work on discipline to build your life stamina. Be innovative, try new things, and keep a few friends to make sure you are surviving fine.

When in society socialize: to mingle, to connect, and to maintain manners. Observe mores. Lead when you are the leader. Follow what you want to follow. Don’t confuse them. Communicate direction, momentum, and force when necessary. Otherwise negotiate, defer some, persevere, go your own direct way, be and stand strong alone.

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