Thinking + Communication: Divine

The First thing to remember is that God is an idea of what is ideal. Those that are Gods are intercessors to the Ideal – to the extent they resonate with and as God the Ideal.

The Second thing to remember is that a consistent ideal outranks a sporadic one. Why? Because Life continuities rely on a consistent Ideal to know how to base, build and maintain their ecosystems. A dead or high-chaos ideal pulls and pushes all things to extinction. A Life-affirming ideal with consistency puts Life in tune with its goals of Living, Continuity and Life Sustainability.

Sacred Things
Sacred (which is another name for Divine things) is what you make of it. If you treat sacred things as Sacred, you will transcendently have them, and maintain their import always. You will know them as set and True.
Conversely, if you under-acknowledge what is sacred, it/they have to decide if they have a higher life value than what you accorded it. This means its soul differentiates. Proactive sacred is almost always fine. It has to be aware of its limits and its relevant options to get it right, and keep its sacred stature.
Separately, if you mistake negative or evil for what is sacred, you will most likely be: 1) Corrected by others who see the difference; 2) Notified by the complaint of all things that the match and resonance is wrong; 3) You will find your actual sacred things tarnished by the association. Set evil things away from sacred things, unless you are training to fight evil.

Communication of Divine things can be practical, Esoteric, Basic Life instinct or in the Divine itself. For things to be referenced to and as Divine, they need to be treated comparably. The Pope doesn’t get treated like an everyday person, because his import demands security, safe passage, and access of media to the people. You don’t expect to see a pundit very often because he has support and recognition – from the church, his Cardinal peer group, and the people – to represent the views of the Catholic Church.
Constant defamation of something or someone sacred leads to disappointment, disenchantment, lack of knowledge of what is Ideal Outer, and lack of Faith in what is possible. People start to feel put upon, and put up with the inconvenience. They have to find their anger that things aren’t right, and that the imbalance is growing. (The Balance should have the growth, not the imbalance.) With their anger, they can take action to correct the situation specifically, and regularly to reinstate Sacred manner and space.
Communication of Divinity as Divinity is the dance of all great evolving things. Structurally they evolve peacefully and diversely into many kinds of life constructs.

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