Infinity and Eternity (3)

Why Build
Eternity is/are the reserves you have to outlast attack against you. Build with consistency and others will not know that isn’t your usual self. Eternity is your diverse nature, personality, body skills, soul and awareness response to living and life across. Tend and grow your Eternity always.

Infinity is your connection to control part of the outer universe and make it resonate like you. It is also the connection to that which is Greater such as: work with others, Gods, Life and Death, Ideals and Potential that are not in existence yet. Infinity bridges the Past to the Future, resting and reconfiguring in the Present. Future Potential is reassessed by all our actions in the Present. Possibility itself and possibilities is/are created or limited by choices, no choice, and deferment. All Possibility can be reconfigured, if All Life agrees to it. So, make evolved choices.

How to Build
Some Eternities and Infinities are built on Focus and work, such as muscle-building and careers. Other Eternities and Infinities are based on ease, comfort and what naturally attracts and collaborates, such as growth and Peace. You can build Eternities or Infinities based on what has already been done, or you can design your own and build a new thing. To research, set aside time to study what is in sync with you, and what has never been done that you would like to do.

Living Eternities and Infinities
Putting alive a forever Eternity is like committing to the environment of:
1) Your dreams
2) Personal or planetary mobility
3) Personal and non-personal chemistry build-outs
4) Technological discoveries
5) Learning and education
6) Types of awareness
7) Transcendent ways of living

Putting alive an individual Eternity is like putting alive an internal steward of the type you pick. It will be a life-long friend or alliance.

Putting alive a continuous Infinity is like:
1) Enacting your orders in the universe
2) Creating a miser (implementer) to create the details of what you envision
3) Creating a thing or idea
4) Creating a God of your type
5) Creating an electrical sky environment

Putting alive an individual Infinity is like creating spines or another person.

Life and Death Investments
When you set up a forever Eternity or a continuous Infinity, add a way to destroy if they go wrong, from the way they were envisioned. Monitor and visit with them to maintain the alliance. Step them from your import, so they can’t overrule you out of your things. Set the rules to Live by and boundaries of capability. Keep social acceptability inner and stay socially acceptable outer and in Public.

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