Life's Story (^^): Creator of Fun

Moderator: “Is it possible that you were the first nature?”
DRYL: “Yes, like a ‘n’ and a ‘–>'”
Moderator: “So you build that or you are that?”
DRYL: “A little of both. I build those and finally I’m a butt that lays the ground.”
Moderator: “Do those relate to body, and are they the same size?”
DRYL: “No they aren’t body. They are separate mounds and they are built various sizes.”
Moderator: “Do you mold them?”
DRYL: “Yes with my body. In the past I was a cylindrical Doing with a round hump at the bottom base. I can mold any size n.”
Moderator: “How long does it take?”
DRYL: “It takes about a day for one; it takes five minutes, each one, for many. I make patterns sometimes, but mostly they are apart.”
Moderator: “Are they permanent?”
DRYL: “No, the Self person, my brother, made them fall apart. My matter is made out of sand.”
Moderator: “Are they alive when you build them?”
DRYL: “No, it was just a kid thing, but maybe.”
Moderator: “Do you think you are the first artist and predecessor to female childbirth?”
DRYL: “Maybe, and yes I am an artist.”

Moderator: “Did you know what was on both sides of the situationing?”
DAR: “Yes, one person situations it and the other person goes with it and forgets. First it is like ‘What the Heck!’ then it is like ‘Let’s Go.'”
Moderator: “How do you relate to this?”
DAR: “I’m his brother and I situation the experiences that go that way, or his way.”
Moderator: “Is that simple or undaunting?”
DAR: “It is undaunting because I get the full-height environments.”
Moderator: “Do you wire it for the concept?”
DAR: “No, we wire both the Heaven and Hell. Life lives in the middle.”
Moderator: “Are the situations for one person or most people?”
DAR: “They are for one person generally, and everyone participates.”
Moderator: “Everyone has been subjected to a repeating cataclysm. Is that about leaving one situation in place, or calling back people who have lived one?”
DAR: “It is about adding them up and creating a collective experience.”
Moderator: “Do we need to clean up the markers in Heaven and Hell?”
DAR: “Let’s ask Shark.”
(After a few minutes.)
Moderator: “Shark, do we need to clean up the markers in Heaven and Hell?”
Shark: “Yes, you can clean the markers in Heaven, and pray for the cleaning of the markers in Hell.”

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