Life’s Story (B): About Beginning

Ed: “I was. I wanted to be so I guess I’m not first.”
Beginning: “I was a puck. I was a pellet you could fit in your hand.”
Moderator: “How did you get to be a puck?”
Ed + Beginning: “We didn’t know.”
Moderator: “Is Mikl first?”
Mikl showed up five minutes later and spoke: “I wanted company, so I made a big fuzzy white thing and thought I would call it Dog. It was too beautiful and complex so I called Ed. My son made 2 others and let them call themselves. And that was the start of Beginning life.”
Beginning: “I am from the son as a gonad on the woman’s side with a medium-deep male voice. Ed is just life in a broad space. The other brother left because he hated his life.”
Ed: “Yeah.”

Moderator: “Why did he hate his life?”
Muffled the Brother said: “You tell him.”
Mikl: “I split all of life’s responsibilities with my son, EDI, which is my gonad. We built into life ‘To Make It Rot’ and the ’30-50 Reality’ which is the predecessor to What You Want. So, most hated life.”
Moderator: “Which means how much do you control others?”
Mikl: “Some, but.”
Moderator: “Did you both author the 50/50 duality?”
EDI: “No.”

Motor, Growth, Like Me
Beginning: “I built a motor to create general life.”
Ed: “The Life ran forever __”
Moderator: “How much is a forever?”
Ed: “It is about 1 million slots of time.”
Beginning: “We count if by plastic objects and store it in tall metal sleeves, which we lose half a life on to create.”
Moderator: “Is the motor always on?”
Beginning: “It is always on, and it never varies.”
Ed: “Growth was set by many. There were many lights like me with blond- white hair and limbs.”
Moderator: “Did they have faces?”
Ed: “No they tanked down like Begin to get the sad smile with every one.“
Moderator: “Get back to how growth was determined.”
Ed: “Not that way. There were many lights and many slots_“
Beginning interjected: “and sleeves”
Ed: “_ and we would get confused on what was the Life because there were so many. Once we decided to give our dependence to the slots, and the Lights said No. We shrugged and our life was transferred to the slots. We were near death and said “undone.” Nothing happened and we died full out. The Lights kept calling to us to get us back. We woke up and clutched them until we felt better.”

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