Life's Story (^ >): I Want To Be

“Before I was a thinking thing I was a kicking thing,” Bug-Ed said. “What were you before? How did things coalesce?” the moderator said. “You run around and grab the matter. It is you,” Bug-Ed said. The moderator said, “Is the matter yours and how is it like you?” “It (the matter) is from light you build along the way. You name it. What fits does. What doesn’t fit doesn’t.,” Bug-Ed said. The moderator said, “And it gets left behind?” “Yes, s___ , that is what happened. They are from the things named weird. There was ‘Unmentionables’ for things you hide, ‘Narc’ meaning drugged, and ‘Ass’ for tripping over Unmentionables over and over again,” Bug-Ed said. “There were ones I liked that live with me, and others that named themselves s separate. My favorite was a was a character named ‘Fatso’. He was not going to be me, but he was going to be a cute potential and I almost killed him with that, but I got smart and kept him alive, and far away. He was too spicy.”

The moderator said, “So with the things you named, is that the start of multi-awareness?” “No it is the start of multi-soul,” Bug-Ed said. The moderator said, “Are they alive?” “Half,” Bug-Ed said. “Do they develop the theme or you?” “Both, we meet in the middle and get something. Later I pick them for jobs and that is fine.”

The moderator said, “Life was?” “Contentious,” Bug-Ed said. “One of the characters (Unmentionables) decided he was an animal, took over and ate the others. Finally he ate me and I had to pay attention. I situated a new start that included and put me in charge a million years. He mellowed and was a victim some, so then I left him alone.” “Later he restarted the violence. He decided he was the Devil itself. The fight only ended when the species called the light was strong.”

“What was your nature?” the moderator said. “Half of the light, and half of the darkness, which is untenable. I need to change it to be positive. Our universe did not evolve great,” Bug-Ed said.


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