Life's Story (^ >): I Want To Be cont.

The moderator said, “Life was?” “Contentious,” Bug-Ed said. One of the characters (Unmentionables) decided he was an animal, took over and ate the others. Finally he ate me and I had to pay attention. I situated a new start that included him and put me in charge a million years. He mellowed and was a victim some, so then I left him alone,” Bug-Ed paused. “Later he restarted the violence. He decided he was the devil itself. The fight only ended when the species called the light was strong.”

(Later) Bug-Ed said, “The sky turned white when I died, and so I knew someone was waiting to live. Otherwise I lived alone.” “Did you follow the other person?” the moderator said. “No, I thought I should let him live his own life,” Bug-Ed said. “Did you look it up afterward?” “No, I thought I should leave him alone. We didn’t talk, but I think he knew me, and I knew him.” The moderator said, “Do your lives always cycle opposite?” Bug-Ed said, “Mostly…” “We don’t cue each other, we just live at opposite ends of the universe.”

The moderator said, “If you started kicking, were you pre-cognitive?” “No I was cognitive of push and what I was going for. I was thinking.. I was pre-verbal. I thought in words,” Bug-Ed said. The moderator said, “Where were the words from?” Bug-Ed said, “This is why I’m not always sure I was first..” The moderator said, “I wonder if Gand had the words. His family designed language –” “Yes I did,” Gand said a few minutes later. “I was afraid I stunted development because I kept you cognitive.” The moderator said, “You would have focused more on motor development?” Bug said, “No, I am interested in joints, gender anatomy, and butt to spine up.” “So you design?” the moderator said. “Yes, I build the shapes and decide their capabilities,” Bug-Ed said.

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