Life's Story (2M-1): Moderator

The Moderator said, “Do you know how much work it is to make an environment where you can heal back to perfect? And you, the many, keep destroying the environment and those dedicated to it, as well as the being-doing that conceptualized it. We are more than we look.” They said, “What is perfect? Nothing is.” “No perfection is real. It is a concept we work to attain. When we heal back to perfect, part of it means untainted or to remember what untainted was. The other part is to get the blocks out to perfection,” the moderator said.

The moderator continued, “Why do you fear and ostracize death? Don’t you know that most new life is reincarnated life? If you are a part-time life, you are in holding somewhere and you should be grateful and obligated to that place or being. Exchange is full-round life and death and life again. Those who help you keep your place or get you back are true friends. Treat them as such.”

“You don’t know your place, therefore you walk on others. We fit together in our respective eco-systems. We fit together with our respective families and loves. It was planned. Did you not help to co-create the destiny we would love, and that would endure? If you weren’t there, plan it now. The demand is the same. Make friends with your neighbor and the things you love, and set you and them up for fulfillment,” the moderator said. They thought and were quiet. Then they were frustrated and spoke.

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